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#103766 XTO Energy moving 1,600 employees to The Woodlands, selling six of seven buil...

Posted by David Love on 17 June 2017 - 03:26 PM

Wondering if the the California sized real estate tax increases of late had anything to do with it?

#99926 Are there any reliable news sources left?

Posted by David Love on 03 December 2016 - 08:15 PM

Now that one of the most contentious elections in history is over, it would seem obvious to many that blatant bias of our news sources is rampant. I started noticing some serious leanings during the 2012 election, enough to make me cut my exposure to CNN considerably.  During this year’s Primaries I tried CNN a number of times and finally just gave up, it’s one thing to report the news in a blatantly biased nature but all together different to generate story-lines of your own. (This bothered me, being a CNN junkie from the days of watching it while active duty during Desert Storm, to watching 9/11 live while CNN was still reporting the first strike as a small private plane. I once depended upon them, so watching them lie out right was an eye opener.) 


Even FOX had its fair share of biased reporting but at least they made an attempt at showing both sides, but not always fairly, still, some days were close to fair and balanced.


The only source that seemed to show things in a stark exposure was OANN or (One American News), they seem to be just starting out so about where CNN was in 1991. On some days they did seem to slant the other direction but more out of an offset sort of defense.


With disruptive technologies changing the topographies of information, newspapers can barely cut it digitally, the print version can’t even rely upon coupons as a means of existence, and those pop up on your phone and load directly to your account while you’re filling your basket. Will news channels one day just give up their charade of unbiased and change their screen bugs to represent their political leanings CNN will go Democrat Blue, FOX will go to a Dem Blue for the bottom 60% and GOP Red for the top 40 and fluctuate by time of day, like all red for Hannity, etc… and OANN would just be GOP Red. Not that people need the color coding to tell, but it sure would be nice if you could load your news sources from GOP or Dem / Liberal sources, pick and filter what you spend your time on, kinda like filling up your coupon list for the things you spend your money on. 

#99925 KDGE 94.5/102.1 The Edge ending run since 1989?

Posted by David Love on 03 December 2016 - 07:41 PM

But really, who still listens to radio? 


People depend on radio for music about as much as they depend upon newspapers for news. 

#98092 Fort Worth: a city hidden by trees

Posted by David Love on 24 July 2016 - 09:21 AM

I'm a big fan of tree planting, yet there seems to be an alternate mindset that believes they and they alone are best qualified to define which varieties are allowed to thrive in North Texas. I was pleased to see the recent requirements of “cut down” permits in some North Texas cities and counties. Which only made sense since they required “planting” permits, I thought it was a bit backwards.  Long dead thread on this very topic buried here somewhere.


I’m more a fan of old growth native trees or the ones they tend to cut down only to replace with short lived petite ornamental varieties.  I firmly believe one or two mature trees can add 10k or more to the value of a house, and a neighborhood lined with mature trees bumps it up a few notches in the desirability rankings of those in the real estate business.  

#95901 Cannabis Convention in Fort Worth

Posted by David Love on 04 February 2016 - 12:56 PM

Hopefully we'll get a POTUS that will remove it from the Federal level of law and allow each state to deal with it how they see fit. It would cut our criminal expenditures, at all levels, in half. Take money away from drug cartels, stop the flow of hard cash out of this country and redirect it back to our tax base. 

#95791 Wright Amendment Nuances

Posted by David Love on 26 January 2016 - 07:56 PM

Oddly, the only time I've flown out of Love Field, on SouthWest, was FOR American Airlines. ...sure was an eye opener.


Have not used them since, but I drop a number of friends off and pick them up, from time to time. No other way to put it, but it's a mad house over there, I have no idea how they could add any more flights unless they built a hub and spoke terminal system, reminds me of driving scenes in India, lane lines are a just a suggestion.

#91333 Wright Amendment Nuances

Posted by David Love on 03 May 2015 - 06:53 PM

It's 10 - 15 mins either place for me, depending on where I'm sleeping.


I wonder why more people have not discovered FED/EX - UPS on trips? I hate checking bags, unless it's international, if I can't carry it, I ship it, along with the boxes to send it back. Call the concierge / desk before you ship, it's waiting for you when you get there and drop a return box off when you leave.

#91331 Solving the "No Market" Situation in Sundance Square

Posted by David Love on 03 May 2015 - 06:40 PM

I'd like to one day, see options downtown like you have in larger urban communities, a place for fresh fruit and produce, butchers, etc...


I'm starting to think CVS may be our only option for some time to come, and we'll be forever stuck driving to Whole Foods or whatever our market of choice is.


If they ever manage to swing something like this, it will have to be uber flexible to accommodate local farmers, and the ability of a "buyer" / "producer" to acquire produce from longer distances out when local items are not in season.


Then you could always switch over to carrying items with longer shelf life, like honey, nuts, grains, etc...


But this would impact the habit forming abilities of having a market people can depend upon.

#90697 Frost Tower - Jetta Operating to Build Downtown Office Building

Posted by David Love on 19 March 2015 - 04:43 PM

I've found that the more things something is capable of the less pleasing to the eye they tend to be. Yes, there are exceptions. 


As buildings go, people are going to park there, eat and drink there, live there, work there, all in a very small footprint and within a set budget which I'm assuming is aimed at ensuring a viable, profitable operation. I'm much more impressed with what something is capable of doing. 


So far I've not seen anything that I actually "dislike" about it, but I've only seen a couple CAD images and a footprint. ...and now I have a craving for BBQ I can't quite explain. 


I'd like to see more of what it's actually going to look like on the interior, how they deal with the transitions from parking to office to retail to living. 

#90646 T&P Warehouse Redevelopment

Posted by David Love on 18 March 2015 - 04:39 PM

I think city should annex it rehab it in stages:

  • Start out with a huge storage facility.
    • Will fix a lot of the basics, water, electric, sanitation.
    • Nothing fancy, rooms with locks, no AC, just a light or two.
    • Low cost yet it can pull a $1 per square foot, due to it's location to EVERYTHING
  • Recoup some costs, then consider a conversion later.

I think the structure is so large that the normal "redo everything and make it really flashy" prices it out of range to everyone but the super large developers and they know better and would rather start with a parking lot.


So.... Storage or break it up into sections and sell it off to various entities, similar to the Tower, which has FIVE.

#90639 Solving the "No Market" Situation in Sundance Square

Posted by David Love on 18 March 2015 - 03:48 PM

Farmer's markets and places to buy fresh veggies from local farmers and shop owners, within walking distance from home or work, makes living and working near there so much nicer.


I see some vacant retail locations downtown that sit that way for a really long time, six, maybe seven years, with signs of their lack of occupancy, many I'd walk by EVERY time I went out downtown.


Could the city cut some deal with owners of retail locations that sit vacant, maybe give them a tax break or some other incentives, maybe cover some basic utilities, security and sanitation, that would entice the shop owner to allow "markets" to operate there until leased? When they lease it, the market moves to another vacant location.


If it's a large location, maybe operate like a flea market with a lot of different vendors always changing, smaller locations might just focus on being a retail coop for a bunch of farmers selling potatoes, corn and tomatoes, maybe.


The city pays or paid, not sure of the current situation, something around 700K per year just for the Tower parking garage to allow people to park there free on two floors, evenings and weekends. Imagine what half that could do for a downtown market !!!

#90229 Project Sundance

Posted by David Love on 23 February 2015 - 11:18 AM

I'm glad they're moving more retail downtown, I'm thinking the restaurant / bar phase has run its course in Sundance proper and as such they should be pushed more to the edges and leave the interior a bit more family oriented. 

#89564 Cats evicted from LaGrave Field

Posted by David Love on 22 January 2015 - 08:26 AM

The only baseball I've ever gotten excited about is Boston based.


Other than that I'd not consider myself a baseball fan; if the Cats had a very large fan base, I'd think the city and the site owner would be more keen on discussing the situation.


Why not utilize the place as a big or BIGGER softball venue? Put up a few lesser fields around the stadium. There's that group of softball / soccer fields just off 30, I'd think a lot of softball junkies playing in between the stockyards and downtown sports bars would be a good mix, a good draw.

#89508 Shock: Radio Shack may leave FW!!!!

Posted by David Love on 17 January 2015 - 09:26 PM

The energy sector in Texas only has about 3% of the workforce here, even if they were decimated by half, not likely, that would be 1.5%.


I see the money being put directly back into people's pockets, where it should be, instead of Wall Street and will more than compensate for a down tick in the oil industry.


The downside, a LOT more traffic!

#89507 Downtown residential..Where is it?

Posted by David Love on 17 January 2015 - 09:13 PM

My suspicion is that we'll not see an actual grocer / market downtown, above a Walgreen or CVS, for the same reason we'll never see a package liquor store. (I think the grocery situation will soon be resolved, see below)


When I stay downtown it's to work on my place, take in the sights, relax, I don't keep fully stocked pantries, partially because they're disassembled and being painted, but mainly because it could be weeks before I can make it back down to get some work done, so why keep a lot of food there.


Unless I want drive to W-7, or walk over to the local drug store for things, I'm going out downtown or ordering out for food. This is my suspicion, if you're in the business of leasing to or running restaurants or pubs, why would you put in something that would allow local residents to side step those establishments.


After about 18 months to 2 years downtown, it dawns on you that you can get to your restroom upstairs and back down faster than waiting in the line your in, ...and while you're there you crack a couple 1 dollar brews to compensate for the 6 dollar ones you'll spring for downstairs. As time goes by, the time you spend in clubs and pubs decreases as you prefer smaller crowds and coherent conversations.


It's when you hit this point of living downtown you wished there was a place you could walk to, pick up a few things and dart back upstairs. (Amazon Prime Now, will solve this problem with 1 hour deliveries)