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In Topic: XTO Energy moving 1,600 employees to The Woodlands, selling six of seven buil...

17 June 2017 - 03:26 PM

Wondering if the the California sized real estate tax increases of late had anything to do with it?

In Topic: XTO Energy moving 1,600 employees to The Woodlands, selling six of seven buil...

17 June 2017 - 03:04 PM

The energy sector is a good base for any city to have, that base has helped Fort Worth through some rough times. If you had to pick a time to lose a rather large industrial sized benefactor, now would be it. 


Change is good, and in the general scheme of things, inevitable. 


Downtown Fort Worth will do just fine. 

In Topic: Are there any reliable news sources left?

04 December 2016 - 01:26 AM

I am actually a little relieved that many do not vote, I don’t consider it patriotic TO vote, I consider it privilege of citizenship. If it could be done fairly, “I doubt it could” I think people should be required to pass a test that qualified them as competent to cast a vote (along with a national voter ID card).


I consider it patriotic NOT to burn or desecrate our flag, to stand for the national anthem and to help veterans and your fellow Americans when you can.


I’m more worried that some voters vote with little or no knowledge of what they’re voting for. Civics is no longer taught in school, if you can’t name nor select from a picture, the VP for each party, they should not be voting, they’ve not done their homework. (This situation alone does lend some credence to super delegates but I don’t think they’re used the way they were intended)


I consider myself very adept at finding information online, I was doing SEO in the 90’s, and I found it very,  very difficult to find accurate information this election, so I know someone that can’t name key players has made little to no effort researching the key issues. If they relied on CNN or any other main stream outlet, they were herded to the poles, they didn’t drive themselves there. 


I don't think the polls being off by as much as they was accidental, they were premeditated actions to sway the gullible voter, it's a long standing fact that Democrat turnout is much, much higher when their candidate is leading and much lower when they're not. By showing leads in poll after poll, then alluding to the accurate polls as a cattle prod they were able to use both sides of that psychological coin for benefit. (By feigning questions as to how could they have been so wrong, allows them to side step the whole, "we were trying to sway/rig the election and it didn't work, oops) situation. 


I believe the ONLY thing that allowed this election to bend to the will of the people was social media and Trump's ability to use it to hold the media accountable. I think that's the reason they (the media) were so out in the open biased, they could no longer float their semi half truths and let them drift through the public conscious, instead they were instantly sunk by 140 character tweet storms.  

In Topic: KDGE 94.5/102.1 The Edge ending run since 1989?

03 December 2016 - 07:41 PM

But really, who still listens to radio? 


People depend on radio for music about as much as they depend upon newspapers for news. 

In Topic: shipping container offices

15 November 2016 - 08:43 PM

I suspect there will be a shortage of containers. ...just a hunch.