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Forum 303 Mall

13 July 2006 - 08:33 AM

I was curious if anyone had any pictures of this mall interior or exterior before it was painted and turned into an indoor flea market.
I don't make it out to that side of Arlington much anymore, but I heard that even the indoor flea market was shut down. I pretty much grew up in that mall. Both of my parents had day jobs and during the summer times they would give me and my brother $20-$40 to go have fun during the 3 hours in between my mom leaving for work and my dad returning.
I have lot's of good memories of that place. The Arcade, the toy stores, the comic store, Chick Fil A, seeing Star Trek 3 there, the magic shows they would have in the performing area in the middle of the mall, Christmas time in the mall, I could go on and on. I really hated to see that mall just sort of fade away as I always thought it was one of the best malls in the metroplex, for it's time.
Even if nobody has any pictures of the mall it would be great to hear everyone's memories of it.

Incinerator Just East Of Echo Lake

21 April 2006 - 05:55 PM

Just found and joined the forums today while trying to find info on Casa Bonita's. I have noticed that there are alot of informed people on here so I thought I would ask a question about a location that me and my friends and brother used to go play in when we were kids.
There is a building/property just east of Echo lake on the other side of the railroad tracks that me and my friends used to go run what we called military maneuvers at when we were kids and I was visiting my Grandmother for the summer.
We would get all dressed up in all of the Vietnam erra surplus that we bought from Omaha's off of White Settlement Rd. and our replica (at least we thought) Daisy Air17 M-16 pellet rifles and just practice room clearing drills and have war games there.
My grandfather used to work at Abrants just to the north of this location, but I never thought to ask him what they had used this facility for.
The building always had that dark eerie feeling to it, but that made doing what we were doing all the more fun, because we were always expecting to run into someone. Looking back now I know it was not the smartest of places to play, but I will always remember that it was exciting and fun. I often reminisce when I am driving past Echo Lake and I look over and see those two smoke stacks.
I have included a Google Earth capture of the location. If anyone has any info on this location I would greatly appreciate it.

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