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#59146 West 7th Development

Posted by Fort Worthology on 12 January 2010 - 10:33 AM

Time for a West 7th update.

Took this from one of the higher spots in the West 7th development, looking back toward downtown:

Back down on the street, looking out across the intersection of Crockett & Currie:

Looking up at Movie Tavern:

Brownstone will be going in on the corner as well - a new restaurant from chef Casey Thompson:

Bailey's finish out continues:

Looking back at the Movie Tavern building:

Streetscape along Crockett:

Streetscape as one approaches the central plazas on Crockett:

One of the plazas, along with one of the mid-block pedestrian passages:

The "outdoor room," as Cypress VP Kirk Williams called it, in the center of the loft/retail blocks:

Loft leasing office on Norwood:

The home of Lucky Strike Lanes, eventually (they will be the last to move in according to Cypress):

Work on Delaney's at the corner of 7th & Norwood:

Looking down 7th:

Yofe is open - a Fort Worth-local fresh fruit and yogurt cafe:

Ground floor of the Movie Tavern/LA Fitness building, on Currie. Tenants are Yofe (now open), Sweet Sammies (in progress), and Pure Bliss (also in progress):

Back at the Crockett & Currie intersection:

Tillman's Roadhouse is open, and further down the block tenants such as Teskey's Uptown are in the works:

The other plaza and pedestrian passage:

Art in the plaza:

Looking up through the festival lighting to the lofts above:

Looking down Crockett to the east:

The western ends of the loft/retail buildings, at Crockett & Norwood:

#32124 Postcards, Pt. 5 - Medical Arts Building/Burnett Park

Posted by Fort Worthology on 05 December 2006 - 05:17 PM

Alright, so maybe the last two here aren't technically postcards, but I'll never pass up an opportunity to show off the Medical Arts Building, my absolute favorite old Fort Worth building and one of our biggest historical preservation losses.

First, this postcard, complete with the obligatory incorrect hand-coloring. In reality, as far as I've been able to tell the Medical Arts Building was buff/tan brick with a green roof. Still a great shot, of course:

IPB Image

Next, a shot from down in the old Burnett park, looking up at the tower. The Medical Arts Building, if it had survived the '70s, would have made a killer loft conversion. It even had an observation deck:

IPB Image

A shot from higher up, looking into the park and showing off the building and its extended base/parking structure. Also note the Fire Station on the left, and off in the distance the tower of the Public Market on Henderson. What's that building immediately next to the Medical Arts on the left side?

IPB Image

I miss this building a great deal. For those unfamiliar with the history here, the Medical Arts Building was demolished to build Burnett Plaza.

#32120 Postcards, Pt. 2 - City Hall/Hyde Park/Library

Posted by Fort Worthology on 05 December 2006 - 04:51 PM

Next, here's a great postcard showing off the old City Hall when it was still City Hall (and clean), and the beautiful old Public Library. Also of note - the buildings on/around the W.T. Waggoner block, missing (of course) today.

IPB Image


IPB Image

IPB Image

#32119 Postcards, Pt. 1 - Electric Building & the 7th St. Canyon

Posted by Fort Worthology on 05 December 2006 - 04:44 PM

Posting some cool old Fort Worth postcards from my collection - a couple might have been posted a long time ago, but they've all gone offline since then (didn't mean to delete them). First up is the shot of the Electric Building/Hollywood Theatre and the 7th Street Canyon:

IPB Image

The usual odd color choices (these were usually hand-colored off of photos - the EB isn't pink, and the Neil P. was never red, for example), but a really cool image. Wish the Worth Hotel/Theatre was still there, don't you?

Another little detail that caught my eye:

IPB Image

Some of the buildings here are obvious - the First Christian Church, bits of the Petroleum Building, STS Building, Woolworth Building, and the sadly demolished Westbrook Hotel. The small buildings in the foreground across 6th from the Electric Building are gone today, of course, replaced by the lovely Startlegram parking lot. The midrise on the left edge there was one of the old department stores, right? I should know which one, but it escapes me at the moment.

So, what's the building next to the First Christian? That's a nifty little building. Anybody have an idea?