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In Topic: Metallica at the FWCC in 97

18 January 2018 - 09:47 AM

There's nothing in FW that can compete with places like the AAC, the Verizon, etc. - and considering that a lot of venues will have radius clauses (meaning an act can't perform within a certain radius from a show within a certain timeframe) and Dallas is the larger city anyway, there's little reason for a big act to choose an antiquated facility like the CC arena over a place like the AAC.


A smaller version of this often plays out with smaller indie bands and such. Dallas has the numbers and venues like the Granada and the Bomb Factory (which we don't really have good equivalents of here in FW) and smaller venues like Club Dada, Trees, Three Links, The Loft, etc. that are higher-profile than most FW equivalents. Sometimes there are radius clauses involved, too, sometimes not. I've seen bands on tour come to the DFW and play Denton and Dallas and skip FW.


The FW venue that I've seen snag a few more notable touring acts lately has been Shipping & Receiving.

In Topic: Modern Streetcar Dead

18 January 2018 - 09:36 AM



Fort Worth city council voted to stop studying the plan. The study Austin posted clearly identifies a recommended starter route.



Exactly right. The vote was not to build the streetcar right away - it was to continue with the study. The initial route was clearly identified and spelled out by HDR in their documentation. The Near Southside and Uptown TIFs were on board with that initial route.

In Topic: Modern Streetcar Dead

16 January 2018 - 08:50 AM

That starter system didn't serve any big destinations outside of downtown. It failed to run up to the Stockyards, and it failed to run down Magnolia.



The thinking at the time amongst a lot of Near Southside powers-that-be was that running the first line down South Main (which would've been the first part of the system constructed) would prompt the Magnolia expansion on a faster timescale. There were talks about ways to fund the Magnolia expansion as rapidly as possible using Southside local dollars, following the go-ahead to start building South Main.


It's been years and I don't recall where things were left off, but for obvious reasons, these plans were shelved when the main project was canned.

In Topic: The Foundry District

11 January 2018 - 10:30 AM

The Camp Bowie location was like that at first, but as more people started using it as a business address it got bad.  I wouldn't be surprised if the same thing happened at the Magnolia location.


That is basically every coffee shop, though.

In Topic: The Foundry District

10 January 2018 - 07:48 PM

So with all those Likes, does that mean my experience with them is common?


I dunno, I really like the Magnolia location and prefer it to Avoca now. It can get crowded, but then so does Avoca.