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Private Homeowner Funding?

03 December 2004 - 12:39 PM

Little history first:
We got into our home as a last resort to being homeless. Got a fantastic price and the upstairs was liveable, with the stairs being very firm and secure. We even ended up homeless for a few months while waiting for Probate procedings and getting all the heirs' signatures - I was pregnant then gave birth 6 weeks early to a special needs baby bringing him "home" to a motel room. Which was interesting already having a prococious 2.5 year old. Richard was only with us for 2 years, but was in this house with us. Mike is now 15, and we moved into this old house 12 years ago.

Ok, my husband and I both love the house. We want to get it fixed up. But for the past 12 years, there is NO extra income to go towards it... Nada... nothing... We are in essence debt free, pay all our credit cards in total every month, etc. Don't have to have "beans & rice" as our only food (we eat ok, in other words! LOL), etc. We are doing "ok" but again, there is nothing extra.... and even the little that we have put aside isn't a drop in the bucket for the house (and usually ends up going for medical bills or something major like that when it does start looking like we have accumulated enough to do *something*.) We don't want to go into debt to do the house. Even if we did get a loan, we don't make that "extra" that would go towards "mortgage" or loan payments. The house & property are completely paid for.

I have searched online; I've been over to Historic Fort Worth (finally paid for the copies of info they sent me a year or more ago, plus some extra for all they do & got to see one of the Sanborn maps) and talked to them. There just isn't much out there for home owners. I've even been so bold as to apply for an Extreme Makeover, with a lot of notes about it being a historic home that needs to be preserved...

From the research I've done, I think the house is the oldest home built in the Fairmount neighborhood, built earlier than TAD's 1928 and TCHRS' estimate of 1908, with a probable date around 1887. (The property was obtained from the father to the son in 1885, with the son's family living on the property in 1887.) So I would think it has value... it's got a lot of work that needs to be done. Foundation would be good to rework, has had termites (might still for all we know), wood in some walls and one place in the floor downstairs that need to be replaced... probably more...

Anyway, I'm being very vulnerable here and it's a bit scary to lay all this out... but there it is... we have a wonderful 100+ year old house that needs preserving, but we can barely keep up with day-to-day maintenance on it. Is there anything out there for a situation like this?

Where was Fort Worth University on College?

17 November 2004 - 11:27 AM

I started reading the Fort Worth History book last night (got thru first two chapters, then couldn't help myself, but leafed thru the rest of the book).

Higher education was begun when the Methodist Episcopal church chartered Texas Wesleyan University (not to be confused with the present Texas Wesleyan College) that opened in downtown quarters on September 7, 1881. Eight years later it was renamed Fort Worth University, three years after it had moved to a College Avenue site later occupied by Paschal High School. (page 151 & 152)

I was wondering where FTW Univeristy was... I live near College & Jessamine and am thinking it was further north (maybe the site of the current Trimble Technical High School, maybe?). Anyone know for certain?

Fort Worth History

15 November 2004 - 11:46 AM

I had to kill a couple of hours at the Borders Books down near Alsbury off I-35 last week and came upon a book that I had to have. There was only one edition on the shelves there, but maybe there might be other copies to be had at one of the other Borders, Barnes & Noble, etc.

Fort Worth: Outpost on the Trinity
by Oliver Knight
with an Essay on the Twentieth Century by Cissy Stewart Lale

It was originally researched and printed in the Star-Telegram by one of their reporters for the Centennial in 1949; published in book form in 1953, and now reprinted by TCU Press. It was $16.95, and in softcover.

ISBN 0-87565-077-5

It is chock full of cool Fort Worth history and written in an engaging style. Maybe some of you have already come across it, but thought it well worth making a new post.

Preservation Architect?

05 November 2004 - 05:20 PM

I'm looking into the Texas Historic Preservation Grant funding to save our old house. From looking at the paperwork, it appears you need to have a "preservation architect" to help with the grant writing and showing what you need to have done, etc. How much does consultation with such a professional run and who would be some good recommendations? Thanks for any help you can give me!

(I just rediscovered this forum! I've been gone for a while, but have never been a big poster -- my husband and I have a home in Fairmount.)