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05 December 2005 - 12:54 PM

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Susan, welcome to the forum! Actually constructing one of the department store anchors before the mall was fairly common in the late 1960's/early 1970's. Leonard's built both Forum 303 and Northeast Mall stores before the construction for the malls started.

I worked at the Service Merchandise out there from 1989-1992. Toward the end of those years a lot of places really started to shut down. The Service Merchandise did a great business. It was in the old blue Wilson's color scheme then was finally painted gray to match the newer Service Merchandise locations like the one in Irving on 183 at Story Rd. and the one at Hulen. The Forum had a great pizza place in it at the court where the movie theater was. They did a small buffet and when you walked in, sometimes the owner would ask you what you wanted and after finishing your salad I was often pleased to find my choice of pizza on the buffet. They had a big-screen TV in there too, so I recall watching a lot of college football during our lunch hours on saturdays.

When I was in middle school in the late 70's, we used to sneak into the cinema at Forum 303 all the time. The exit door was just inside the mall entrance, so we would hang out just ouside the mall doors and wait for someone to leave the cinema...and we would slip in just as the exit door was closing. And I remember that pizza place well...when we weren't trying to sneak into the Forum 6, we were hangin' in the pizza place! I still have lots of memories of the ice rink as well.

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29 November 2005 - 01:08 PM

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Another not-so paranormal theory is that someone may have propped a mannequin in the window to scare off curious trespassers or to simply to perpetuate the notion that the house is haunted; basically to just mess with people. Iím sure neighbors get frustrated with people poking around an abandoned house out of fear of vandalism or other illegal activities taking place.

I definitely see something in the window but many times your imagination will want to perceive a simple object to be a body or a face when in actuality it could be a poster or doll especially considering the mystery surrounding this house.

The Willey House (Frank Lloyd Wright original) in Minneapolis was vacant for a number of years and I was fortunate enough to take a tour with my architecture class while it was still in ruins. Months later I road by on my bike one evening and stopped to look only from the street and the neighbor across the way appeared to have zero tolerance for any trespassing or evening curious on-looking for obvious reasons. I wasn't going to test his patience.

I can't really make out anything that would convince me it's something other than a reflection. But...this is interesting to note...one of the accounts of the house I have read stated that, during one paranormal investigation, a medium detected "children in the living room", which is where that window would be.

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29 November 2005 - 09:27 AM

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Those pix are neat! Won't speculate about the "face in the window" other than to say it doesn't move with other shots..... I don't know why I thought it was a much older house; must of misread something or just trying to make it spookier in my own mind biggrin.gif .

Thanks for posting the pictures! At first glance, yeah, the house doesn't look at all decrepid or old...it's more in the vibe the place puts off, trust me.

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23 November 2005 - 10:06 AM

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Be sure to keep us posted! I'd be interested in an "authorized" tour, if one ever developed.

As I mentioned before, I creeped around the exterior of the house some 10 years ago. The only signs of "visitors" were broken windows and graffiti... but I still got a very creepy vibe and was too chicken to go inside alone!

I would love to go check out the house myself, but I'm terrified of being arrested for trespassing!! So for now I'll just have to settle for checking it out as I drive by. I truly wish I knew a way to find out more about its history but I'm at a complete loss. Oh well...some mysteries are meant to remain unsolved, I guess.

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14 November 2005 - 12:15 PM

Mary Bess, thanks for the info! I have googled it many times but never seem to come up with anything. I appreciate you sharing this with me. I sent that site's owner an e-mail and I'm hoping to hear back from them soon....I'll keep everybody posted.

Incidentally...I'm still not finding anything out about the crime that supposedly took place here. Anybody from the Arlington area who remembers anything happening at that house? I'm thinking it's nothing more than teen-aged urban legend, but I DO believe there is something unquiet currently inhabiting that place. Not to get all silly and metaphysical, but I definitely pick up a bad vibe from it.

Anyway, thanks again for posting. Anybody know of any other mysterious/unquiet houses in the Arlington area? I like to creep myself out. wink.gif