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Packard dealership to be demolished?

04 October 2010 - 09:12 AM

On the north side of West Seventh, about halfway between Henderson and Summit, is the old Packard automobile dealership. As I understand, it was built in 1929 to be the Packard dealer. I have actually seen in the City Directory from 1931 that the dealership subsequently moved to another location on West Seventh by '31.

In past several years, a guy who is evidently an Alfa Romeo enthusiast has housed his early-'70's Alfas there. He even had a neon "Alfa Romeo" sign in the front. There was a lot of what looked like debris scattered throughout the interior.

A few months ago the cars disappeared and in the past few weeks his Alfa sign disappeared. And now, in the past week, the signs of a construction company hang in several of the windows. I fear this is an ominous sign.

Is this building slated for demolition? I am quite a car enthusiast--and big fan of historic preservation--and would be very disappointed to see such a building leveled. Does anyone know about it? Perhaps the construction company is only going to remodel the inside. But if not, perhaps we need to stop this in its tracks.

-Jim Raymond