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Eclipse Fort Worth goes dark April 8, 2024

17 August 2017 - 08:34 PM

Mr. Roberts wanted more disussions. So what the heck. Lets talk about when Fort Worth goes 100% totality in the dark on Monday April 8th 2024 ! Less than seven years from now ! I am a bit surprised our local media has not mentioned this ? From the maps I been seeing most of Fort Worth will be in the dark. Except for the northwest part of our city. Besides Fort Worth. San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas will go 100% in the dark.    

Dallas problems coverage. Fort Worth problems coverage

14 December 2016 - 09:43 PM

I am always one who would love to one up on Dallas. But Dallas pension fund is not one of them for several reasons. And boy oh boy Dallas has a mega mess on it's hands.


But I am asking about this topic for a simple question. How is the Fort Worth Police and Fire pension fund doing ? It is one thing for national media to think Dallas is the only city in Texas. But my frustration spills into our local media as well. Joining several Fort Worth city groups on facebook don't give me answers. Local news outlets love to covers Dallas issues. And if I did call city hall. Or go before the city council. Would I get the flowerly statement approved by lawyers ? Or a real answer a investigative reporter can only do ?  


I understand  a big story will always trump other stories but. But It is like Fort Worth issues has to be on fire to be mentioned in local media. I do remember the pension fund in Fort Worth was covered by the media a while ago. But I think it was more about city employees fund. Are they separate from Fire and Police ? But would it kill Channel 5 and 11 to update Fort Worth citizens on our city employee Police and Fire pension fund ?