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#109080 Amazon in search of 2nd headquarters

Posted by Now in Denton on 21 February 2018 - 07:50 PM

Awesome,  the quick and robust rebuttal to the DMN's Schnurman.  This was not a time to be silent or to have nothing to say- pride is on the line.


There are many reasons why this region could miss out on Amazon; mainly through strong competition by other cities. Pointing the finger at Fort Worth is preposterous for so many obvious reasons.  Economic Regionalism is and should finally be put to rest.


Too late someone already called him a "shill" when he wanted the Rangers to move to Dallas.  :laugh: Look many of you have made good points. And it is fine to rebut Schnuram. I plan a rebuttal myself at some point. But don't worry about him. What can he do anyway that will hurt Fort Worth ? Schnuram is not telling us anything new about the education level. Mayor Price said so in the state of the city address. Frisco has no University. But they get collage grads to move into Frisco because they have jobs for them.  We know all this already it is OUR report !  What I fear most is our current and future city and business leaders backslide and start to forget the economic report from late last year. Mayors change. Civic leaders change. Business leaders change. I say focus on Fort Worth leaders to stay on top of things. And not focus on another "snarky" DMN reporter. If anything expect MORE of this type of rhetoric from Dallas. Especially if Fort Worth does become successful in landing corporate HQs. 

#108864 Trinity River Vision

Posted by Now in Denton on 09 February 2018 - 06:47 PM

In the early days the price tag was like 800 million something. I think most people knew it would go way past a billion in the end. But I for one still support this project.   

#108686 Facebook coming to FW?

Posted by Now in Denton on 31 January 2018 - 08:34 PM

facebook gives to Fort Worth community. https://t.co/BgViuVWabo

#108440 Amazon in search of 2nd headquarters

Posted by Now in Denton on 23 January 2018 - 01:34 PM

Of course if HQ2 is built inside Dallas city limits. That would be good. That means TCU, Texas Wesleyan, SMU, North Texas, Texas Woman's grads will have jobs in Dallas. And Dallas will keep building more and more skyscrapers. While in Fort Worth ? Well pretty much the same as always as before. :glare:   

#108372 Economic Development Plan

Posted by Now in Denton on 18 January 2018 - 10:02 AM

Not quite- Apple is looking for a "second corporate campus." Still, Fort Worth would greatly benefit from such a campus.


Note to Mr. Gengelbach and the Fort Worth Chamber- Bid separately from Dallas.


Associating ourselves with Dallas isn't helping us attract companies. If anything, it's preventing us from standing out.


Agreed. That was one of many issues I had with Mr.Kennedy weekend FWST article. Point 4 "Learn to love DFW"  Not that I am against some regional efforts from time to time. For example. Fort Worth and Dallas water departments. Are working together and building a new water pipeline for both cities and sharing the cost. But this model has not worked very well for Fort Worth corporate relocations. 

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#108300 New Will Rogers Arena

Posted by Now in Denton on 15 January 2018 - 12:00 PM

Just curious:  Is the arena projected to be ready for the 2019 Stock Show?


No. It is expected to be completed in "late" 2019 . But in time for the 2020 FWSS.



#108225 The Image of Fort Worth

Posted by Now in Denton on 07 January 2018 - 03:01 PM

"Frolic in Fort Worth" https://twitter.com/...809312041287680https://twitter.com/...809312041287680  

#108015 Economic Development Plan

Posted by Now in Denton on 21 December 2017 - 05:43 PM

This report just confirms what I said on another thread a long time ago, it's a totally different world (economically and development wise) on the Dallas side of the metroplex.  Right now, Plano and Las Colinas have more office space than DTFW as does Dallas office submarkets, Uptown and the 635 corridor. Richardson, North Dallas Tollway Corridor  and the Central Expressway Corridor aren't  far behind (if they haven't surpassed DTFW already).  Fort Worth's love of everything being "slower" over here has left it in Dallas' dust. But I thought that was what we wanted.  It seems Fort Worth claims to want to be nothing like Dallas, yet it desires so much of what Dallas has.  I'm not sure I can say Dallas feels the same way about us.


So when Fort Worth made a investment in Alliance. It was "Fort Worth's love of everything slower" ? Fort Worth wanting to get Amazon HQ2 to facebook. Shows your point is wrong. Yes I agree with you about Dallas building development. I go far as to say it is a Dallas boomtown . But that is something we have know already ? When Radio Shack no sooner built its HQ in downtown the company fizzled out. Almost the same thing happened to Pier One and its 2002 HQ. Loss of more recent DRHorton and XTO. All of those problems and wanting to stop the hemorrhage. And even Fort Worth desire to be in the black in HQ locations. Is somehow Fort Worth "desire" to be like Dallas ? 

#108004 Economic Development Plan

Posted by Now in Denton on 21 December 2017 - 04:18 AM

NBC has two stories about this report. However this from DMN columnist " Fort Worth just embrace your junior status" "Don't worry, though,Fort Worth because Lindenburger (DMN columnist) understandes your plight in wanting to be more like Dallas and has some advice" 


He writes some positive things that Fort Worth does better than Dallas. But he and other like him missed the whole point about Fort Worth economic report. It is just that. (ECONOMIC) not about pride ? Well ok, some pride but Fort Worth don't want to be like Dallas any more than Fort Worth wants to become New York City. Or Fort Worth wants to become Collin County for that matter. Because they are beating Fort Worth in white collar jobs also.


Fort Worth lost D. R. Horton to Arlington. And soon XTO, a homegrown company to a burb outside Houston. How does that translate to Fort Worth wanting to be like Dallas ? A healthy city needs both blue and white collar jobs. Just Fort Worth is severely lacking in high paying professional jobs. And jobs in general that is not keeping pace with population. Why is that so hard to understand ? 



#107871 Economic Development Plan

Posted by Now in Denton on 14 December 2017 - 05:28 PM

I'm disheartened that the first news from city hall is "change the logo" after this report. Well ok..we can look at that. But, I want and I think Fort Worth needs real red meat. Some bold new ideas. Not window dressing. On a sidenote. Read for yourself what people are saying about changing the logo. Seems like most in and outside the city don't like the idea ? Interesting.


One twitter poster said " Exactly how would that attract new business" I agree. But then he then goes on to say "Looks like FW is doing pretty well"  (My hand over my face in frustration)  :no:  But I think he is from Dallas so that lowers my blood pressure some. But if some in Fort Worth think "FW is doing well" Then they have no clue. Fort Worth is not the worst city in America. But at the meeting yesterday. It was said to paraphrase. We cannot expect Fort Worth to prosper economically on 12 dollar an hour wearhouse jobs alone.  



#107792 Economic Development Plan

Posted by Now in Denton on 12 December 2017 - 08:00 PM

I take it a step further. I say we ARE a bedroon community for Dallas and Collin County now. Fort Worth has TCU, Texas Wesleyan and start ups like UTArlington in downtown.  But I know no one personally who works in Fort Worth after graduation ? Yet Collin Co. has no major school. But they are landing white collar jobs left and right. I am not knocking junior colleges. Some use Junior college to start out. Then transfer to a TWU, UNT, UT and even a TCU or SMU. But just about every county has a junior college. But not ever county has a major four year college.


I am glad, finally our city leaders have taken off the blinders. But I am pretty ticked off also that little ol me. And FWF members here been seeing this problem for years ! 

#107738 The Image of Fort Worth

Posted by Now in Denton on 10 December 2017 - 02:06 PM

Fort Worth releases latest  Economic Development Plan (EDP).   City spends somewhere near $300k to produce what we, or some of us at least,  here on the Forum having been commenting about for sometime. <_<


Its a fat 400 page report on how the City can distinguish itself among its national peers; and more pressing, how it can distinguish itself among it regional peers.   There are some hot buttons in my opinion, among them:


(1) admitting that relying on the "major regional chamber" approach has been more problematic for the identity of the City than beneficial; and


(2) my favorite peeve - DFW Airport is generally viewed as being "Dallas Intl Airport" :mad:  and which leads me to wanting to pull out what hair remains on my head.  For Fort Worth to decouple itself from its debilitating regional hegemony, its has to establish its own self-identifiable airport.  Fort Worth must be seen as a single destination and not a regional destination or it will continue to be an after thought in the mind of national and international businesses. 


The City spends up to $300,000 to


Here is the link to the FWBP article and there is also a link to the full report.




Hear hear. Wow I had just mentioned about the lopsided problem about where the number of fortune 500 companies and firms are based in the Fort Worth Dallas area about a month ago. AND OTHERS here have expressed in the FWF over the years. And indeed we just had a lengthy discussion here in the FWF about  " regionalism "  

#107613 901 Commerce St. - High-rise Mixed Use

Posted by Now in Denton on 03 December 2017 - 04:01 PM

Fort Worth Texas Magazine seems more certain that is will be 32 stories. https://t.co/Z44eLDRWrz

At any rate I know office and living space buildings use different floor heights. But I still wonder if Commerce will still be a bit taller than Frost Tower ?  Or maybe even close to the height of Omni witch is 33 stories ?

#107537 Hotels?

Posted by Now in Denton on 28 November 2017 - 09:59 AM

This property owned by the City could make a nice boutique hotel/residence. Its located just two blocks west of the Convention Center. Check out its lobby!





Wow I have not been inside in over 30 years. Stunning to say the least. But I say why not just leave well enough alone. Why can't office workers enjoy working at a lovely place like this ? Even if most people pay the water bill online or by phone nowadays . At least the general public can still enjoy this place if they have water business. Who says office workers have to be confined to cubicles ? I'm thinking like the 1999 comedy "Office Space"   

#107377 "Fort Worth": Going, going...gone?

Posted by Now in Denton on 18 November 2017 - 05:20 PM

Wow! Instant pushback.  Do you think the S-T  is monitoring the Forum do you think? :ninja:


I don't know ? But would it kill them to say. We write stories that a make a concrete difference in FORT WORTH and the surrounding "communities" ?