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Today, 06:15 PM

I may be wrong. But I thought that was part of the plan for the repeal of the Wright amendment ? That in exchange for Love field to grow and add expand as it sees fit. That all existing and future airports cannot be restricted either ? If Collin Co wants to build a airport for passenger service. Or if Alliance, Meacham want passenger airline service one day. They are free to do so. Weather the market place supports it ?That is another matter. If DFW or Love field will not "allow" another Airport to be built or Passenger service in Alliance, Meacham or Collin Co. Then it sounds like Wright amendment all over again 2.0 ? 


Who remember back in 2006 WFAA and Dallas Morning News did a story series called ? "Dallas at the tipping point" Dallas also got a report and it was gloom and doom. "Is Dallas in decline" Even this form talked about it. Eleven years later.It is. "Is Fort Worth becoming a Dallas suburb" After our economic report. I am cautiously optimistic Fort Worth will see a major change in our skyline and business in the next eleven years. IF our city leaders stay on top of this report. That is my biggest fear. That our City council starts to forget this report and let it collect dust sort of speck. That is where we Fort Worth citizens play our part. We let our current city leaders know of our concern about this report. And let not future Mayors and City Councils forget it either.  


I wonder if any local news will do a similar series about Fort Worth the way they did for Dallas in 2006 ? I doubt it. But I hope they do. Many links about the 2006 Dallas economic  report. But here is one . https://www.dallasne...e-tipping-point                                                                      

In Topic: Frost Tower - Jetta Operating to Build Downtown Office Building

Yesterday, 07:30 PM

I am still unclear what kind of night lighting this building will use. I am guessing it will sort of look like the Bass buildings ? In other words nothing too flashy. But I eagerly wait and see.  I was never very excited about this building because of the height. And seeing the renderings. But now that it is up and topped out. I must admit it is having a bigger impact on the skyline than I had thought it would. 

In Topic: Economic Development Plan

14 December 2017 - 05:28 PM

I'm disheartened that the first news from city hall is "change the logo" after this report. Well ok..we can look at that. But, I want and I think Fort Worth needs real red meat. Some bold new ideas. Not window dressing. On a sidenote. Read for yourself what people are saying about changing the logo. Seems like most in and outside the city don't like the idea ? Interesting.


One twitter poster said " Exactly how would that attract new business" I agree. But then he then goes on to say "Looks like FW is doing pretty well"  (My hand over my face in frustration)  :no:  But I think he is from Dallas so that lowers my blood pressure some. But if some in Fort Worth think "FW is doing well" Then they have no clue. Fort Worth is not the worst city in America. But at the meeting yesterday. It was said to paraphrase. We cannot expect Fort Worth to prosper economically on 12 dollar an hour wearhouse jobs alone.  



In Topic: Economic Development Plan

12 December 2017 - 08:00 PM

I take it a step further. I say we ARE a bedroon community for Dallas and Collin County now. Fort Worth has TCU, Texas Wesleyan and start ups like UTArlington in downtown.  But I know no one personally who works in Fort Worth after graduation ? Yet Collin Co. has no major school. But they are landing white collar jobs left and right. I am not knocking junior colleges. Some use Junior college to start out. Then transfer to a TWU, UNT, UT and even a TCU or SMU. But just about every county has a junior college. But not ever county has a major four year college.


I am glad, finally our city leaders have taken off the blinders. But I am pretty ticked off also that little ol me. And FWF members here been seeing this problem for years ! 

In Topic: Fort Worth and Film

12 December 2017 - 04:33 AM

The thing about "Walker Texas Ranger" Back in the 90's. Yes many scenes were shot in Fort Worth. Tarrant County Courthouse Stockyards.and such. But the fictional police department was a "Dallas" police department !  :mad: