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In Topic: The Image of Fort Worth

13 October 2017 - 08:01 AM

This is a tough one, and I may be going off on a tangent.  First of all Amazon did ask for a proposal from one Metro area each.  I think in this situation, to comply with the request, Fort Worth and Dallas had to submit one proposal.  It would have been a shame if all of DFW was eliminated because we didn't comply with their requests.


As for the image of Fort Worth, I really think the general public has to follow Joel Burns' campaign a few years ago.  We should put pressure on our companies, TV stations, radio stations, and the media to call Fort Worth what it is -- Fort Worth!  Even though architecture is the focus of my website, one of the reasons that I started it was to promote Fort Worth.  We have two of the four "big" local network TV affiliates based in Fort Worth.  We should put pressure on Channel 5 and Channel 11 to single out and identify Fort Worth.  I do realize that they are licensed to serve both cities, but the physical locations of both stations is within our City Limits.  I also think that when Channel 5 moved from Broadcast Hill to Centreport (and stayed in the city), they were asked to put Fort Worth ahead of Dallas.  I think they have done better since they relocated, but they could do more.  There is more that I could say about this, but we should do everything we can to promote our city.


Sorry in advance for my tangent and my many explanation points. But this hit a nerve with me. I do just that Mr. Roberts. In fact all the time. "follow Joel Burns' campaign" But I call my campaign more on the lines of Amon Carter. For example. Earlier this year. Remember the story of the 14 year old boy Carson Huey who graduated from TCU ? I think he started at TCU at age 11. Well CBS evening news David Begnaud. Was AT the TCU campus and did a sit down interview with him. So this story is going nationwide. And we all know where TCU is. No where close to Dallas. 


Well at the end of the story he signed off "This is David Begnaud in DALLAS" To say that I was furious is a understatement !  I twitted Mr. Begnaud. Asking him why he sign off "Dallas" ?  And he replied !  "it was filed in Dallas" HUH ?  Needless to say as you know Mr. Roberts. We all know where the main station is in Fort Worth not Dallas ! I told him the main CBS station for North Texas is still in Fort Worth ! So that argument don't fly. He said "If we file from the scene then we say that city that we are in. But if we file from our Bureau then we say were our bureau is and that is in Dallas"  Again... HUH ? He was AT the TCU campus ! Even if what he said made sense. And it don't. That is totally ridiculous. And I told him so.


Up until now I think I was too mad to post this here. But again I do fight for Fort Worth all the time. I just cannot let this kind of thing just go by without me at least trying. You win some you lose some. But like Joel Burns, Jim Lane, Amon Carter. We just have that Fort Worth fight in us I guess. I agree "we should do everything we can to promote the city"  

In Topic: Amazon in search of 2nd headquarters

09 October 2017 - 12:43 PM



The Walsh developers need to just sit down and be quiet.  Fort Worth already has an up hill battle going...the last thing we need to spend energy on is a location another 15 miles further from EVERYTHING Amazon is asking for, and with even less of the things that we're already challenged on (ie mass transit).  It's a bedroom community in the making and that's the opposite of what Amazon will be looking for


This same reporter Candace Carlisle. Who wrote this story. Also wrote. Texas Rangers, Dallas Cowboys could allure Amazon HQ2 to Arlington. McKinney making its move for Amazon second Headquarters. Lewisville looks to lure HQ2 with two development sites. UT-Dallas tech centric vision makes room for Amazon HQ2 campus. Higher education hub in Denton being pitched for Amazon HQ2. And don't forget Frisco's cheesy video pitch.


This is getting ridiculous. I am a big fan of Amazon HQ2 moving to Fort Worth. But what some cities are saying that makes them think they have the upper hand is Crazy. Collin County has no major University yet they landed big corporations. Rangers and the Cowboys in Arlington makes them alluring ? I don't think I want to follow the logic on that one ?  I can't wait till October 19th and this media circus is over. And in the hands of Amazon to decide. 

In Topic: Flip or Flop Fort Worth

08 October 2017 - 06:20 PM

Premiering November 2nd. I know my mom is excited!


Curious how the show will portray FW, and how the show will influence the neighborhoods it is set in. The previews look like *really* run down areas.


No different from DIY network. Texas Flip N Move that started in 2014. I hear it is a hit show on that network. They make it very clear about it being in and around Fort Worth.  So I don't really expect any real different image about Fort Worth on this show. We will see I guess.

In Topic: Happy Birthday, John!

06 October 2017 - 04:28 PM

Happy Birthday Mr. Roberts  :D 

In Topic: Top of Building Signage - Yes, or No?

30 September 2017 - 09:26 PM

It says "Thank U Bruce". Evidently, Bruce is a retiring maintennce manager or something.


How long has scrolling signage been going on at Pier One ?