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#65633 Will Rogers Coliseum and Memorial Center

Posted by Debbie Liles on 11 June 2011 - 05:43 PM

Hello everyone,
my name is Debbie Liles and I am new to this Fort Worth list. I am a PhD student at the University of North Texas. I also posted this message on the Architecture Forum, apologies if you are reading this for a second time.

I am currently in the process of producing a book about Will Rogers Coliseum and Memorial Center with Arcadia Publishing. The main focus of all Arcadia books is vintage photographs. I am looking of any and all that anyone is willing to share. This can include anything including early construction, fat stock show, entertainment of any kind, art, anything. The more I have to chose from the better the end product will be.

My purpose is to preserve some of the history of this amazing center. A couple of years ago I wrote my master's thesis about Wyatt C. Hedrick, one of the architects of the building, it was then that I discovered that there was no book available. How could that be? If we don't preserve it, we will lose it, I just don't want to see that happen.

Hopefully waiting for any answers. Thank you for your time,