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#108780 The T's new Master Plan

Posted by Keller Pirate on 07 February 2018 - 03:51 PM

Looks like some kind of hazardous materials symbol.

#107578 DFW Airport Projects

Posted by Keller Pirate on 29 November 2017 - 09:44 AM

How are you supposed to get rid of those skid marks if you don’t replace the concrete. Shiny white runways should lower the temps at the airport.

#107133 TEX Rail project

Posted by Keller Pirate on 06 November 2017 - 11:33 AM

Was in Grapevine last week. The TexRail equipment was just West of the depot. They had 3 units with a trap over the east end waiting for the fourth unit to be delivered and make a full set. Maybe they will take it for a spin after it is all hooked together.

#104988 Confederate Memorials and Names

Posted by Keller Pirate on 17 August 2017 - 11:30 AM

Pretty sure Jeff Davis was in Texas when he fought in the Mexican-American war. He may have also visited when he was Secretary of War. A lot of ex-confederate officers touched every facet of Texas life and institutions in the late 1800's. Texas A&M itself was saved by General Ross CSA after UT opened and people didn't see a reason for 2 schools to exist. There is a statue of Ross at A&M. Is the corps of cadets a throwback to confederate military drills?

Let's not forget BB Paddock and KM Van Zant in Fort Worth. Should the bridge or former bank building be torn down? Texas will never be able to get rid of all its confederate past. If you move onto the folks that belonged to the KKK in the 1920's it would take 2 lifetimes to scrub them from history. Historical figures will always fall short when judged by present day standards, we will too someday.

#103545 Amtrak

Posted by Keller Pirate on 07 June 2017 - 02:10 PM

In case anyone is interested, the equipment for this special train will be in Fort Worth tomorrow. 4 extra cars will arrive on the Eagle from San Antonio and go out on the Heartland Flyer to OKC.

#102701 Uber Elevate Conference in Dallas...flying cars are coming

Posted by Keller Pirate on 29 April 2017 - 11:00 AM

Where will these flying cars land to pick up a passenger? If you decide to go out for the night, is the flying car going to land in the street in front of your house? If you are going to Del Frisco's for dinner, will they land on Main St. to drop you off?

I know they mentioned rooftop landing pads on buildings in downtown areas, but what if you wanted to dine or drink on Magnolia? I think there are some yuge regulatory issues to overcome, not to mention neighbors.

#102672 TEX Rail project

Posted by Keller Pirate on 27 April 2017 - 10:21 AM

I was in Grapevine last night for dinner and on the way home I noticed they have begun track work West of Hwy 114. It looked like they plowed the old tracks, removing all the old ties and rail. The new concrete ties were stacked and ready to be laid and the new welded rail has been lying along the right of way for some time.

I'm not sure what kind of roadbed work they are planning to do before they put the new ties down. They have cut a pretty deep furrow in the old roadbed. This probably is putting a ding in the Grapevine Railroads tourist operation for a few days.

#100776 Transit Oriented Development along TEXRail Line

Posted by Keller Pirate on 24 January 2017 - 11:28 AM

Grapevine's plan looks really good.  It seems they are into clock towers on buildings.  I think this will be the third one on Main Street.

#100245 "Fort Worth": Going, going...gone?

Posted by Keller Pirate on 22 December 2016 - 08:17 PM

I think the police department managed to get Fort Worth back into the national conscience today.

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#84351 Gem on Samuels Ave. - The Garvey House

Posted by Keller Pirate on 29 May 2014 - 09:54 PM

There is a tax for being stupid?  Oh oh.

#83803 The Image of Fort Worth

Posted by Keller Pirate on 05 May 2014 - 11:56 PM

Oakland is the most dangerous city in California, its neighbors Emeryville and Richmond are close behind with sky high crime rates.  I would not want to compare Oakland to Fort Worth.


I can see why Toyota might have chosen Plano as a good place to relocate.  It is already packed with other corporate HQ's and is considered very livable.  They also are part of DART.  Read what Wikipedia has to say about Plano.  http://en.wikipedia....ki/Plano,_Texas   Compare that to Wiki's Fort Worth page.


I think RenaissanceMan's post on the other thread pretty well nailed what Fort Worth needs to do if they want to attract new corporate citizens.  It seems like there is more desire on this forum than at city hall.  We have some major employers in Fort Worth, Lockheed, Alcon, American Air, Bell, BNSF, Justin, the last two owned by Berkshire Hathaway.  None of these are downtown employers and I think folks here are hoping someone will come into town and build a high-rise.  There just doesn't seem to be much money right now for the city to market itself, but if Chamber of Commerce could step in and get the big employers in town to do a little marketing and explaining to business contacts why they are here and that they are happy to be part of the community.  You would think Warren Buffet would command some respect in the business world.    


I think Fort Worth has a good image, I have travelled all over the world and pretty much everyone I tell that I am from Fort Worth knows about it, I always tell them Fort Worth is the good side of the metroplex.  I may have told this story before, a few years ago I was at the airport in Queenstown, New Zealand.  I saw a guy wearing a sport coat over a T-shirt that said Fort Worth, Texas (i think it was from a bar) I asked the guy if he was from Fort Worth and he said no, he was from Los Angeles, but he was going to move to Fort Worth or somewhere in Texas because he had a family and he said California was not a good place to raise a family.


I like this side of the DFW area just fine, we could use a few improvements here and there, but things aren't bad at all.                                                              








#83734 TRWD - Out from the smoke filled board room

Posted by Keller Pirate on 01 May 2014 - 05:24 PM

The TRWD Board and it's General Manager were in the news for questionable practices for years before Mary Kelleher came along.  In doing a Google search I could not find any reference to her party affiliation, let alone any Tea Party references, except for here.  Her 8,942 votes were a record for any director ever elected to the board.  That is a sad number and tells me not enough people are paying attention to what goes on there.  Even the Star-Telegram said in an editorial, "there is a lot of room for improvement at the district, most notably in the openness of its operations and responsiveness to its constituents."


The Dallas businessman/rancher that is used to smear her has not yet lost his property to the IPL project.  If news reports are to be believed, TRWD has filed for condemnation of his property, but no hearings have been scheduled.  In fact the section of the IPL that would run through his property will only deliver water to Dallas.  He isn't denying any water to Fort Worth residents.  Of course, he wouldn't be a good boogieman if that were well known.


How about no more old liberal democrats on the board that wasted $12 million suing Oklahoma all the way to the Supreme Court and losing every step of the way.  How is that for a tit for tat?  Let's hear it for the Fort Worth Way.

#83220 City considering permanent Water Rationing

Posted by Keller Pirate on 03 April 2014 - 11:30 AM

Star-Telegram editorial on this subject.  http://www.star-tele...er-weakens.html

This seems to be consistent with the S-T previous opinions on the topic and mirrors the editorial they published when Arlington rejected permanent restrictions a few years ago.


I was at the meeting Tuesday.  There were a lot of figures tossed around during the discussion that didn't have any documentation to go with them.  The one that sat me up in my chair was from councilman Espino, he said that since 1999 water use had declined by 23%.  I don't know if that is true, but if it is, think of how many people have moved here since then and we still had a decline in usage?  To me, it was even stranger that, after making that statement, he said we need to implement this plan now.


The biggest problem with this new regulation is the draconian enforcement section.  I think that is what the 5 council people that voted for the postponement were most concerned about.  The city can invite themselves onto your property to inspect your sprinklers.  Councilman Zimmerman didn't like having neighbors turning in neighbors.  The big question was who will enforce these measures?  It was said code enforcement doesn't have enough people to do it.  Will the police take on this responsibility?


City staff was asked about making some changes to the enforcement section, but the staff seemed to be against that.  The mayor wanted to pass the ordinance and deal with the enforcement part after the fact.  There was mention of a report that has to be filed with the state by May 1 and that is why some see a sense of urgency to get this done.  Even if they had passed this Tuesday, on Wednesday the same twice a week restrictions we have been under for almost the last year would still be in effect.  The only difference would be more opportunities for bigger fines.  As far as watering goes, as long as we are in the stage 1 restrictions, this won't generate any more conservation than we are doing now.  In fact I expect we may go to stage 2 if rain keeps up the way it has.  Send the report to the state and tell them you are continuing the same plan for the time being.


Mention was made of all the people coming here in the next 40 years and the need to save water so allow TRWD to put off expensive infrastructure improvements and developing new sources of water and storage.  My experience is that anything you build today is going to cost less than in 10 or 20 years.  If it takes 20 years to permit and build a highway I'm sure it takes that long to build a new reservoir.  There isn't any time left to put off new infrastructure. 


It was pointed out that places that had enacted restrictions are in worse shape than we are.  Councilwomen Bivens said San Antonio and gone to restrictions back in the 80's and were not any better off now.  Maybe the folks in charge of developing infrastructure thought year round restrictions bought them some time and they didn't feel any urgency on their part.


I say send this back to staff, fix the enforcement section, take a look at the Woodard Plan, make it more about saving water than punishing citizens and building an enforcement infrastructure.  Bring it up again when that is done.  There isn't an urgent need to change anything while we are under stage 1 or 2.

#82489 A Fort Worth Regional Airport

Posted by Keller Pirate on 19 February 2014 - 09:12 PM

I thought renamerusk would like this.  Last week I attended a Transportation Town Hall in Colleyville put on by state rep. Capriglione.  He had a pretty fair sized group of state reps. and maybe a senator or two plus various folks from state agencies such as TexDot as well as local and county officials.  The focus was on road building, but county commissioner Fickes said that he and others felt that the growth that is projected to continue would require a third airport and he felt that DFW would not be the only option going forward for Tarrant County.  They vaguely mentioned a potential location as Northwest of DFW, but I did not get a feeling they were talking about Alliance.  They showed population growth graphs that showed Tarrant County with more population than Dallas County as soon as 2020.  They also pointed out that growth is rampant in Denton and Collin counties.


Overall the meeting didn't seem to try and make a point or draw a conclusion, they just tossed out a bunch of information.  They said that the amendment passed in 2003 that allowed the state to issue bonds for road construction had a limit on the total amount of indebtedness and that would be reached either this year or 2015.  Then no more borrowing. They brought up the old line about gas tax not being increased since 1991 and hasn't kept up with inflation. They also said there will be one proposition on the November ballot that will help get some money if the voters pass it.  They weren't real clear on how it worked, or I was just trying to work out in my mind why they didn't put it on the ballot after the 2013 session, instead of a year later.  


Rail didn't come up until someone asked a question about TexRail and everyone looked like a deer in the headlights until Commissioner Fickes said that was a T deal and he thought that the environmental report and agreements with DART would be signed within the next 6 months.  He said Grapevine has $60 million in escrow toward the project and that the county has $20 million waiting to see if it will get off the ground.  So $80 million from those 2 sources sounds good if you put it with whatever Fort Worth has on hand.


The Q&A was mostly people telling toll road horror stories about being overcharged.  In fact time ran out with a line of folks at the microphone.  Thats all folks.

#82259 Merge the T with DART

Posted by Keller Pirate on 10 February 2014 - 08:09 PM

1/2 Cents Transit Tax: Fort Worth and Los Angeles.  I don't think this is correct, even the link you provided shows 3 separate 1/2 cent transit taxes for Los Angeles County.  I believe 1/4 cent of the state sales tax is also earmarked for transit as well as a portion of the California gasoline tax.  There is way more money floating around Los Angeles County than you think.  Don't forget, the bus riders in Los Angeles sued Metro because they were spending too much on rail and cutting back on bus routes.  It's hard to believe, but people in Southern California are huge bus riders


The suggestion that the 1/2 cent Crime Control Tax be done away with and used to bring up the total transit tax in Fort Worth to a full cent is a good idea, but I don't see anyway the PD or the council will let that happen.  My understanding is that it pays for all the new vehicles for the PD as well as money for other projects.  If the voters did away with the CCPD the council would have to increase the tax 1/2 cent to pay out of the general fund for the stuff that comes out of the CCPD now.


I agree that DART should not join with the T at this time.  I believe that TEX Rail was held hostage by DART to get their Cotton Belt plan off the ground.  DART won't have the money to get the Cotton Belt up and running until sometime in the 2030's, they saw TEX Rail as chance to leverage Fort Worth's project into something bigger to benefit DART.  Now that the Cotton Belt plan is dead, have they even signed an agreement with the T for use of the tracks to Grapevine?  DART is not a friend of Fort Worth &Tarrant County.