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In Topic: Funding transit

Yesterday, 08:05 PM

Just think how great this city could have been if the Leonard's subway had been our starter system in 1980.


 The bones are still in place.  Grade at Taylor Street and southward; sub grade to Panther Island and beyond.

In Topic: The Image of Fort Worth

Yesterday, 08:42 AM

We've discussed Fort Worth as Cowtown and as a center for arts and culture.  But a center for entrepreneurship?  FWBP's website posted a study (see article below) along these lines that looked at various metropolitan areas around the country.  Our area's high ranking was labeled "Dallas Fort Worth Arlington."  But I think maybe most of the entrepreneurs are located in Dallas, unfortunately for Fort Worth....


Driving through Austin from Fort Worth to San Antonio in December, a large highway billboard read "Fort Worth Now".  (Traffic is horrendous!!!)


So comes along SXSW 2018 and what a coup this marketing campaign is turning out to be. I think the City caught other cities off guard and has them referring to Fort Worth as a "North Texas City" - hmmm! (lets all jump on the buzz).


The news coming from the Fort Worth Now House in Austin is showcasing the varied entreprenuership community now perculating in the City.  Beer, distillery, music recording, food, aeronautics, etal.  FWN is a brilliant move.  Facebook and data storage companies see Fort Worth as a possible national/global center for its capacity.  (T&P Warehouse)


If Facebook is taking note, can Amazon not be impressed also?

Fort Worth Business Press states it quite well - http://www.fortworth...fd0975bef0.html

In Topic: A Fort Worth Regional Airport

14 March 2018 - 09:16 PM

PAS,  you and I share the same goal.


However, human nature and commercialism are things that change at the speed of a glacier.  At this juncture, the horse is out of the barn. 45 years and counting of the City riding on the back of a powerful, aggressive neighboring force has place the City in an frightful dilemma.  It will be okay to break away; divorces are scary but they are hardly ever life ending.  We are there. We do not exist in the minds of millions of Americans and thousands of Texans. It breaks my heart.


It is not the job of global companies to be politically correct.  It is the job of a community to make itself relevant.  Action speaks louder than words or propaganda. 


There are a number of actions that the City must take to get into the mind space of the public; one that will emphatically do so is a Fort Worth Airport that directly showcases the city to the country. AFW, FTW or NASJRB FW can do that better than an international airport 18 miles out and that showcases the towns of Grapevine, Irving, Euless and Coppell more than Fort Worth.


Spend $25,000,000 to build a 10 gate terminal and the low cost airlines will flock here to serve not only Western Tarrant County but Dallas and Denton County residents too.

In Topic: A Fort Worth Regional Airport

14 March 2018 - 05:45 PM


We need to get airlines and travel websites to refer to the airport as "Dallas-Fort Worth" instead of "Dallas."


 Give us three..no give us two.. or better yet one way to force airlines, travel websites or the traveling public to include Fort Worth into their psyche.   It is inconceivable and a waste of marketing dollars and time to police what businesses and the public in general perceive about the region after several generations have grown accustomed to referring North Texas as "Dallas".  Even weather is seen as "Dallas Weather".  I know that because even in San Antonio and Houston, our weather is "Dallas Weather".


Having Love Field has not diminished DFW; instead it has enhanced Dallas and given its and yes, some Fort Worth residents cheaper fares.  Only DFW believes that it is being hurt.


If an airline is scheduled from or to Fort Worth it will be recognized as a Fort Worth flight.  Now DFW flights are commonly recognized as flight from or to Dallas.


A critical step in the City's identity is to have an airport.  Dallas learned that the moment DFW opened and made a strategic move to maintain a separate and distinctive airport.  Fort Worth slept!


In Topic: A Fort Worth Regional Airport

14 March 2018 - 02:13 PM

I'd like us to make a push to get passenger service at AFW too.


 DFW is 18 miles from Downtown; AFW is 14 miles.


For passenger service to really have a +95% direct impact on Downtown/Panther Island there are two options: NAS JRB @ 5 miles or FTW @ 6miles.