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Site of original Cold Springs...

31 May 2011 - 04:13 PM

I have been looking for the site of the original Cold Springs...where Major Arnold spent his first night in the area...My late Mother b 1916 told me of going with her Father b 1884 on a horse drawn wagon ride all day from the farm in present Southlake to sell produce at the North Side stockyards area...and watering the horses at the Cold Spring for the return trip...I think it needs to be found an an historical marker placed....
Also, grew up on the Northside...and spent many a Saturday at the Isis theater...would be so nice to see it up and running again..not just me but many people would.
Thank you,
Thorne Williams

Club between avalon motel and 2222

29 March 2011 - 03:53 PM

In the early 60's there was a friend of the family..George Hagen that ran an Esso or Humble station just across and towards 28th street a little ...from the 2222 club...just towards town from the Cowtown drivein....Auto Auction there now....
There was a club between the 2222 and the Avalon motel...it is now the upper lot of an Auto Auction....
I remember circa 1962-'64 that club burned down and there were rumors of a gangster get even....Was this the Skyliner Club?....anyone remember this incident?
Avalon used to be an old tube TV repair place late 50's, early 60's, I remember going there very young with my Father...
TW NS '72

Sam Rosen's , The White City, amusement park

29 March 2011 - 03:30 PM


I just found some information about Sam Rosen's The White City, amusement park. In Fort Worth, North of the River, J,Nell Pate states that the amusement park was at the present NW 24th Street and Grayson...and the Azle Ave. Trolley went near by. It was also stated that there was a small lake associated with the park.
I grew up near NW 19th and Menefee. b1954. As a kid in the 60's we would go under 28th street via a concrete tunnel that went under 28th street (183) behind the then NW Hospital, Hester's on the Hill there was an earthen dam that enclosed a few acres...lake there must have been 8 feet deep or so...dam was breached and no lake there in 60's. My Mother b 1916 and moved to area after flood of '49...1949 that is...said she remembered a bright blue lake there....so did another old timer in the neighborhood.
Was this lake once part of The White City amusement park and are there any known photos of the park?
Thank you,
TW NS '72