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#48264 Foremost Dairy in Fort Worth

Posted by Doug on 01 July 2008 - 08:55 PM

Just a bit more history on Foremost. The original creamery was built by Shaw Bros Dairy. They had also dairy cattle and Shaw family house on and around site of George C Clark elem school at Henderson and Shaw streets. as well as near Katy Lake (La Grqan Plaza) and 2 other sites. In about 1928 they sold to a company named Dairyland who then were bought out by Foremost in maybe 30's or 40's.

My grandfather was one of the Shaw brothers who had moved to FW in 1889 with their mother shortly after her husband had died in Montgomery IN. Am working on a history of the family and business with some relatives and will post interesting tidbits as they emerge. Posted a photo from about 1920 of the building about 3 years ago.

The creamery located east of Main on Magnolia was Oak Farms.