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#65909 Meadowbrook Golf Course

Posted by Flynnyrd on 05 July 2011 - 03:16 PM

I grew up at 1612 Jenson Rd, and my granddad, Les Britton, was the pro at Meadowbrook for many years. He passed in '93, and at that time he was pretty proud of "shooting his age or better" on the course over 150 times. My sister Dena worked in the proshop when she was a teenager, and being that she was a very well-constructed blonde, any golfer that went to the shop in the seventies would probably remember her.

I too, remember the pool out front. I learned to swim there when the lifegaurd threw me in the deep end. Of course that would be an instant lawsuit these days, but I learned to swim, quickly.

I loved the Eastside. We moved to Woodhaven in the 80's, I've got a lot of fond memories of that course too. Not being a golfer, they all revolve around skateboarding the cart paths and fishing in the ponds, but both those courses were my playground for many years.

Best Meadowbrook memory? Probably around '76 it snowed real well. Maybe 6 inches. We went sledding down the hill on the number one fairway (I think, might have been #8). Well, my teenage neighbor from across the street went flying down that big hill, couldn't stop, and flew into the creek. Pretty funny when you're five years old, looking back I suppose it could've ended horribly, but he was just cold, wet, and embarassed.

Any other Eastsiders in here that grew up in the 70s - 80s? Anyone remember the Shrimp Bucket? Play Way arcade on Brentwood Stair? Bolen's Bike World? Video Visions and Paisan's Pizza?

An old eastsider here...I remember all those well. Shrimp Bucket was originally 1 or 2 doors down from Horton's Barber Shop where I got my hair cut as a kid. Bolen's location was a 7-11 originally. The kids I ran around with used to hang out at Bolen's all the time; drove the guys working there nuts. Jamie's Food store next door and the Dairy Queen on Weiler were others we "frequented" regularly (annoyed the employees). We used to ride our bikes all over that area.

Sounds familiar. Me and my friends used to bug the hell out of the poor guys working in Bolen's. I had completely forgotten it was a 7-11. I remember many a slurpee coming from there. Also remember Horton's. Went there to get my first haircut and the numnut that cut my hair somehow put a second degree burn on my neck. Got my haircuts at "Vernon's Head Shop" on the corner of Handley and Brentwood Stair after that.
Spent many an afternoon wasting quarters on "Defender" and "Missle Command" in that Jamie's. When someone else was already playing, we would kill time looking at "easyriders" and "Iron Horse" magazines looking for topless biker women.Bought my first pack of smokes there, at THIRTEEN. Marlboro Reds, 99 cents.