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In Topic: West 7th Development

Today, 01:40 PM

Farrington Field parking is a start to help with the issue , but it is only open after 10pm and only on the weekends. A more permanent solution needs to be found. Also, if people get towed it’s because they don’t pay attention to the signs and/or take a chance when using the Crockett Row garages. If they are towed because they didn’t read the signs then that is their own fault. I have never been towed and I go there all the time.


I thought there were reports (possibly cited in this thread) of over-zealous towing companies towing people who were properly parked.

In Topic: West 7th Development

Today, 09:51 AM

To me, the biggest detriment to visiting the area is parking.  Not that there isn't enough, but that there's a risk that your car will get towed.

In Topic: Montgomery St. Antique Mall

Today, 09:08 AM

Since that area where the apparent stable is located is on current Botanic Gardens property, I'm wondering if it wasn't a maintenance shed for the gardens.


The urban legend I heard (maybe it's true?) is that the Botanical Gardens are located where the horses for Camp Bowie were kept, since they did such a good job of fertilizing the area.  Maybe that was a stable prior to being a maintenance shed?

In Topic: South Main complete streets makeover

13 October 2017 - 12:15 PM

You're totally disregarding the ethos the artist is trying to express.

In Topic: South Main complete streets makeover

13 October 2017 - 11:35 AM

Yes they do, but the street lights seem to overwhelm the lighting in the, umm, sculptures.