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19 June 2017 - 09:01 PM

Agree.  Really, an opportunity.  They are leaving behind some terrific restored architecture.  Natural gas???  Fort Worth will do just fine.

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01 December 2016 - 01:24 PM





 At last count, 75% of jobs in DFW are on the "Dallas side".  


According to who?


 While I would certainly go along with your sentiment, cjyoung, I feel that it is fruitless to rate what makes either city better because personal tastes and reasons are all so subjective.  Both cities have much in common, one to a much greater degree in some areas and vice versa. 


Ultimately, its comes down to which style and environment that you are most comfortable with: boomtown or cowtown.


The Star Telegram and Dallas morning news...a story that ran a year or two ago.  If you read business news and see all the corporate relocations and expansions to Dallas, Plano, Richardson Irving, etc. , I don't think this has changed very much. 



According to the Department of Labor, the Fort Worth-Arlington Metropolitan Division accounts for 29% of the jobs and 33 % of the population in the Dallas Fort Worth Arlington MSA.  The Dallas Plano Irving Metropolitan Division accounts for 71% of the jobs in the Dallas Fort Worth Arlington MSA and 67% of the population.  See here: