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In Topic: 2016 Presidential Ballot - Early Voting starts 24 Oct 2016

08 November 2016 - 11:06 AM

If you have not yet voted >>>>>  GO VOTE NOW <<<<<<


nuf said.

In Topic: Texas Central Railway - Proposed Bullet Train

19 September 2016 - 10:48 AM

I miss spoke.  Made edit change in my above comment.

In Topic: Texas Central Railway - Proposed Bullet Train

18 September 2016 - 04:14 PM

The Fort Worth Star-telegram Saturday 17 Sept 16  had an article by Gordon Dickson about the "Battle over eminent domain could shoot down the bullet train project"


There are 3 or more groups planning on fighting it out in court. As mentioned in the article 1. "Texas Central Railroad and Infrastructure Inc" have no depots, locomotives, tracks, or ties. Its a company only on paper.  2. The land owners who signed up to lease or sell their property.   3. The other folks will not sell or lease their property.  OH yes and then there are their individual group of lawyers. Guess that makes 4 groups.


The Texas Railroad Commission (TRC)  does have eminent domain authority for public utilities, electric companies etc. But decided against delegating that authority to the Texas Central Railroad and Infrastructure Inc privately for profit owned company.  


My opinion is the TRC probably does not think that the privately owned for profit bullet train company will not meet the criteria of a "public utility".    


Federal Surface Transportation Board has no jurisdiction of the INTRASTATE project and will let the issue of eminent domain be decided within Texas.  Meaning ? Maybe have to be decided by lawmakers next January in Austin.  I think at this point the Texas Central Railroad and Infrastructure Inc would have to prove first they can use eminent domain.


It does not fall under a Federal project nor State project. and is not Texas state funded project.    The article also mentioned that the bullet train profit company is not funded by a foreign entity so no foreign funds.  Simply put, It is privately funded project.


One of the points the article mentioned was,  The bullet train company is threatening land owners along their proposed route who are not going to sell or lease their property with Eminent Domain law suite.  Sounds silly to me because they can't legally do that.   Just because the company name reads like its an official "Texas Central Railroad and Infrastructure Inc" its not a railroad company (well maybe on paper) and does not entitle them to use eminent domain to acquire land from private owners.


I would guess that more than half the The Texas State public would not benefit from this bullet train project because of lack of  "Public use and service access".  Can't get to it from where I sit.

In Topic: What did you do in Fort Worth today?

24 June 2016 - 04:47 PM

What did we do today?  Well we work 7 days a week.  Some days we have a lighter work load activity that the other days.



Got out of bed at 7am... 7:30am had breakfast by the pool.  Changed from my wet bathing suit into a dry bathing suit +polo shirt and shoes. Walked 50 feet to our company office by 8am.   Logged into Austrian company forum and began the day's Panorama Virtual Tours software forum Euorpean/ UK technical support.   Lunch at 12 noon (7 pm in Austria) followed up with a pool break.  Our software users are around the world so we picked up after lunch time tech support for the USA, Canada, Mexico, South American clients. Followed by a short pool break before dinner.  Followed by tech support for our FAR Eastern/ Australian clients.



Same work schedule as summer... except no pool and we wear Jeans, polo shirt +socks in the winter time.


Hard days work.  Log off usually around 7pm.


OH did I mention that it is good to be retired. :laugh:

In Topic: Earthquakes in North Texas

28 March 2016 - 02:59 PM

Suprise : :throwupen:   Another government agency tracking :  Wonder how many DFW quakes are on their mapping service


Reuters  USGS Mar 28, 2016 revises seismic risk map to include quakes caused by humans