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In Topic: 2016 Forum Meetings - Last Friday of the Month at 11:45 AM

08 April 2015 - 11:46 AM

I thought that was a good spot for lunch inside the carriage house.  Those of us who got there just before noon, placed our order and had our food in just a couple minutes.  if folks are running late, I would suggest grabbing something on the way, otherwise you may get stuck waiting quite a bit longer to place an order and receive your food. 

In Topic: 2016 Forum Meetings - Last Friday of the Month at 11:45 AM

26 March 2015 - 11:43 PM

There's a good chance that I'll be able to make this lunch meeting.

In Topic: Architecture in Fort Worth Said to be "Intimidating"

21 February 2015 - 11:12 AM


I asked my guy at work who is up-to-speed on these things, and if you were running HTML5, would suggest trying http://juicebox.net/ as a slideshow tool but I don't think will work with your site.


However, he said there is an alternate work around to that that would possible be worth trying for non-HTML5 sites. What you can do is to implament jQuery into the site. 

Here is the tutorial for how to install it: http://stackoverflow...stalling-jquery

After getting that to work.  Use this to make a slideshow.  He said to keep in mind that it doesn't have fine controls like moving back and forth or shuffling, but if you just want to have some flashy pictures scrolling through the homepage, this will be perfect: 


At some point down the road, you might want to consider switching over to a Wordpress site, but I fully understand the time commitment involved in making that happen, especially with the number of subpages that you have.

In Topic: Architecture in Fort Worth Said to be "Intimidating"

18 February 2015 - 01:41 PM

Hi John,

I’ve looked at your Architecture in Fort Worth page many many times, but never with critical eyes because I know it’s your life’s work and passion.  I went out there today after taking into consideration what you buddy said and put my critical glasses on (coming from a marketing and commercial construction world) and had a couple suggestions….


When you go to the homepage, there’s a ton of text.  In the marketing and web design world, people just don’t read text on websites like they would read a book especially on a homepage (the forum being an exception because it’s a discussion board).  My rule of thumb for a homepage is to use about 15% navigation structure, 15% caption and text and 70% images and graphics give or take.  People expect to see some high quality photos and navigation with only major headings and simple caption text.  My suggestion would be to keep your current website format, but reduce the amount of text on your homepage, update the background color to something light and neutral, make bigger buttons for your major categories (Downtown, Cultural District etc.) and consider adding a simple auto scrolling slideshow element where you can selectively feature some of your latest photograph additions and even some pictures of awards or other interesting things.  


For as long as I’ve been a part of the Forum, it has always been about the meat of the information for me but your “top navigation” is key to winning over the new visitor or novice reader.  In web design you should always put yourself in the shoes of the reader, especially someone who has never been to your site before.  Also, I know you’re a modest guy that don’t seek out attention, but have you considered doing a brief bio page for yourself as an “about us” to share your story, background a couple photos and the history of how this site came to be what it is today?  I think these are some minor face lift ideas that wouldn’t be as time consuming as tagging photos and doing interactive maps.  Like Donnie said, this is your spare time.


Hope this helps.

In Topic: Star-Telegram going behind paywall

19 September 2014 - 11:34 AM

Turn off Java in your browser settings.  Paywall pop-up won't load anymore but you'll need to turn it back on when you are done if you want other pages to load properly.