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19 April 2008 - 04:03 PM

If anyone has the addresses of the Mr. Quick locations, pictures of Mr. Quick from the business section of the high school yearbooks or current pictures of what the Mr. Quick buildings look like today, it would be terrific to add them to the Mr. Quick page. Thanks - Rich www.captainerniesshowboat.com/mrquick Mr. Quick

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Here is a list of several restaurant chains in and around Fort Worth from days gone by:
Chuck Wagon Hamburgers (locations throughout the Fort Worth-Mid Cities
Clover Drive Inns
Lone Star Drive Inns
Mr. Quick Hamburgers
Clown Hamburger on Belknap in Haltom City (hole in the wall with a great burger)
Papa's Pizza (on East Lancaster and then it became a Shakeys)

The Clown Burger is still around, or was recently. They moved from the location on Belknap to over around the N. Beach & Broadway intersection.

I loved the Chuck Wagon. We mostly went to the one at Meadowbrook & Handley, but there was another one on East Lancaster down between Beach & Riverside. I remember when they tore down the Meadowbrook Chuck Wagon, They (literally) drove in a Hooker's Hamburgers Stand on the same spot. It was a big trailered pre-fab building that they drove in, secured & wired up.

Seems like Mr. Quick was the first chain I remember that used styrofoam cups...There was one on E. Lancaster & one on Berry I remember. I think the Beefer's/Burger Box or whatever it is now on Pipeline across from the Bellaire Theatre in Hurst was a Mr. Quick originally.

Was the Clover a chain? I just remember the one across from Sycamore Park on Rosedale or Vickery...It was a credit union last time I drove by...

I remember Shakeys/Papa's well...It's was a U-Haul rental last time I checked, at Lancaster and Tierney...Wasn't the Pizza Inn where John Carter's Place is now originally a Shakey's as well? I know they had the Banjo/Piano Band there like Shakey's did way back when.

I don't recall Lone Star Drive-In. There was a Lone Star Coffee Shop on East Lancaster.

Do you remember Lums? (I think that's how it was spelled). How about Zuider Zee or Bill Martins?