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#101354 Little house in Fort Worth

Posted by GenE on 23 February 2017 - 12:11 AM

I kept looking at the pics of the front walkway, where the walk steps descend from the street and then close to the house the steps start ascending again.


Maybe it is just because I grew up on the other side of a creek that got out banks several times a year (and no other exit from the farm),


but I can't stop seeing the probability for the yard to flood and the water to flow down towards the tennis court.

#81518 Post Office on Lancaster

Posted by GenE on 03 January 2014 - 09:16 PM

If ever we needed local hero Bob Simpson to step in to rescue a building, this is it.


I wonder if there is any precedence in the US for a similar building being re-purposed. I can't think of one off the top of my head, but surely someone else has some knowledge?


http://news.yahoo.co...-085936846.html  from today, Jan 3, 2014.


Within the details of the picture article it says, 


4. Stamford Post Office, Stamford, Conn. — A federal court ruled against the sale and demolition plan for this historic post office. The ruling could help preservationists save historic post offices nationwide.

#76551 Guide me up I-35

Posted by GenE on 14 April 2013 - 02:09 PM

Thanks for the info Avvy.