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20 November 2007 - 11:56 PM

Red-light cameras going up across Fort Worth
ALEX BRANCH Star-Telegram staff writer

FORT WORTH Red-light cameras are being installed at seven intersections in Fort Worth and will become active Nov. 26, according to the city. Owners of cars that are photographed running red lights will receive mailed warnings through December. On Jan.1, the city will begin mailing real citations, city spokeswoman Janice Thompson-Burgess said.

"That will give us time to work through any bugs in the system," she said.

The fine is $75; late payment will cost an additional $25.

The City Council authorized the cameras in August. The intersections were selected from 30 analyzed for frequency of red-light violations. Two additional intersections on East Lancaster Avenue, which is also a state highway, will get cameras when the city gets approval from the Texas Department of Transportation, Thompson-Burgess said.

Red-light camera locations (above)

1. One camera, Eastchase Parkway and Meadowbrook Drive

2. Two cameras, East Long Avenue and Deen Road

3. One camera, South Hulen Street and Bellaire Drive South

4. Two cameras, McCart Avenue and Westcreek Drive

5. Two cameras, Bryant Irvin Road and West Vickery Boulevard

6. Two cameras, Eighth Avenue and Elizabeth Boulevard

7. Three cameras, North Beach Street and Western Center Boulevard

8. One camera, East Lancaster Avenue and Riverside Drive*

9. One camera, East Lancaster Avenue and Sandy Lane*

*Pending state approval