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In Topic: DT: Former Bank One Bldg. has gone Condo.

04 May 2005 - 07:18 AM

Potbelly's is supposed to start construction on the first floor in June and be finished with construction by the end of August.  From the information I have been able to gather, it definitely looks as if they will be a retail tenant.  They have filed the paperwork with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation for accessibility review of the drawings.

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John -- I forgot to mention I checked out Pootbelly yesterday... (your mention of the vanilla malt was 80% of the motivation.. I caved as well) .. was good food and I will visit again (had the chicken salad sandwich), but the one thing that struck me was their interior and how it is going to fit in .. it looks like the guy who designs the interiors of Razzoos and the guy who designs the interiors of Fridays had a love child with a small budget and was told to go to town.. There's just crap everywhere .. but late 70s americana crap specifically

Not that I care one way or another what street level spaces in the tower do w/ their interiors, but I can envision already the pretentious types walking in and thinking it was a little lower class just by appearance..

In Topic: fw road pet peeves

03 May 2005 - 05:39 PM

Hooked, the one-way/two-way streets are a part of a traffic plan to revert the streets back to two-way.  The city decided to do this in phases rather than convert the entire street at once.  It is very confusing, but maybe when all the streets planned for conversion become two-way, there will be fewer wrong way drivers.

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Perhaps, but lemme tell you right now, that's not going to be pretty..
Being able to make a left on a red is a great thing.. makes navigation very quick if you know the one-way pattern... If you can get around the whole "Taylor & Throckmorton are northbound" indescrepancy, they all alternate and it's all pretty easy to get around.. Hooked is right, though, Taylor is ridiculous .. one way going south, then two way, then one way going north..

I have found that Commerce being two-way is convenient but the fun ends at 4th street... Houston being two way along the convention center makes no sense because you have to turn right at 9th if you're heading south...

In Topic: fw road pet peeves

03 May 2005 - 11:19 AM

another pet peeve .. this time on the state level (?)..

all the overhead hwy signs coming out of downtown leading towards 35W makes NO indication that 121/airport freeway is that direction.. not even a "..to 121" .. the frickin split is RIGHT THERE as soon as you leave downtown via 5th/7th streets!
Same thing when you're coming from 30 onto 35W.. They all just say "35W/377"... even though they share a four mile stretch, who even calls 35 "377" anyway? I think 121 is a significant enough highway to warrant a mention on the very signs that lead to it... if you're not from here it's not that obvious until you've already made the decision to head northbound 35W.. wierd.. especially since that is the way to the airport :D

In Topic: fw road pet peeves

03 May 2005 - 11:14 AM

Great to see new development in northwest Fort Worth. Wonder if a mall might be coming to that area at some point?

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they've been talking about a mall on the hill between Jacksboro and Quebec St (from behind Staples to about IHOP) since I was a kid.. but that was when Nat Summers owned tons of land around them parts... I'm sure there'll be something poppin' up... all that stuff north of the 820 overpass totally killed off all the old 70s/80s stuff south of it...

and poor Vivian Courtneys .. another vintage 50s diner all gone.. I wonder if the huge rotating neon "V" sign is for sale .. If FW had only saved signs from closed businesses, Fort Worth should have an old sign graveyard like Vegas has :D

I'd love to see the Rocket Lounge sign all lit up again..

In Topic: tower lobby pics

03 May 2005 - 06:20 AM

For example, Schaumburg's designs are just dripping with imagery that connote wealth and sophistication to those who are themselves unsophisticated (at least in their taste in architectural design).  The taste is like that of your typical 20-year old NBA player.

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What elements in particular have you noticed of Sch :D umburg's works that showcase this? Bathtub spouts rigged to pour out of a golden lion's mouth?