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Today, 08:29 AM


How important is a brand, or name for a commuter railroad line?...


It is important if one has civic pride; if you don't have much, then it isn't important to you.


As I wrote before, most trains and most railroad companies are/were called by their final destinations. 

Texas and Pacific, Missouri Pacific, Missouri - Kansas -Texas, Southern Pacific, St. Louis and Southwestern, St. Louis and San Francisco, Atkinson - Topeka - and Santa Fe, Union Pacific, Northern Pacific, Rock Island, etc. 


Would you be happy with Fort Worth Rail, Fort Worth Railroad, Fort Worth Line, etc? Keep in mind that there is a railroad company already called the Fort Worth and Western Railroad which FWTA hopes to extend the TexRail trains onto in the future. How about the Grapevine Rail, Grapevine Railroad, Grapevine Line, etc? Keep in mind that there is a railroad company already called the Grapevine Vintage Railroad which will share the TexRail tracks as far as Tower 60. 


How about nicknames? How about the Cow Town train? How about the Fat Show train? 

How about stealing another city's slogan? The Spirit of Fort Worth? Pride of Fort Worth? 

How about the major river? The Trinity River Dinky, because Express is already in use?


Why don't you suggest another name showing civic pride, maybe it will catch on?

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Yesterday, 05:49 PM

How important is a brand, or name for a commuter railroad line?
Almost everyone in a few years, especially after more lines are built, will call it the line to Grapevine.
Most of us already call the A Train the line or train to Denton.
Golly, the destination sign above the drivers window, or the electronic sign on the side of the train cars, read so.

How many of us call the A Train that, or do most of us call the service the DCTA train?
Do we even distinguish the DART light rail trains from their buses and vans? Dont we just call them DART?

After a few years, most of us will just call it the Fort Worth Train or the Grapevine Train.

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17 October 2017 - 09:43 PM

Keep us informed if the November 6 date remains on track. ;)


As for liveries, here's what other transit agencies have done on the latest Flirt 3 units.....

It is fun to compare......... ;)







Lodzka Kolej Aglomeracyjna




Rhein-IJssel Express








Newag dia PKP Intercity





Well, that's at least 10 different liveries, few if any used the opportunity to do anything fancy behind the cab where the main electrical cabinets are located. 


Maybe I'm thinking the TexRail livery isn't as bad as some of these. Maybe beauty is in the eye of the beholder? 

From a lazy point of view, a gray (silver) exterior paint job is the easiest to keep clean, or looks clean the longest between washes. 

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13 October 2017 - 04:55 PM

 Of course he would say something like that; after all, FWTA is defacto agency to DART.

Is it? really? Why do you think it is?

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12 October 2017 - 07:27 PM

It would be nice to have a whole train in Fort Worth to display before the Fat Stock Show and Rodeo crowds this winter.