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In Topic: Ridglea Presbyterian Church

10 January 2017 - 02:16 PM

I live in Ridglea Hills, and this has been a hot topic on the neighborhood discussion groups. Yes I would rather have seen the church stay, or another church or business move into the existing building, but I know that was not realistic. I do not believe the building and maintenance were sustainable long-term for the current congregation. The building has far too many major issues, and the parking is terrible. RPC is setting up transition committees to oversee the move and construction of a new facility. I will be sad to see the building demolished. 


There was an odd post on a neighborhood facebook group about the sale a few months ago - someone chimed in & said that their family had donated the land for the church in the 1940s, and that there was a stipulation that they could not sell it, but had to return it to the family. I've never heard anything more about it, and assumed it was one of those "family legends gone wrong" type of things. I'm sure Grace Presbytery would have discovered that long ago if it were the case. 

In Topic: Bob Wills' home in Fort Worth?

09 January 2017 - 12:04 PM

Thanks so much, AndyN!


I know they resided in Fort Worth until his death in 1975, followed by hers in 1993. I know that in early December 1973 there was a jam session with the Texas Playboys at Bob's house in Fort Worth the night before some recordings in Dallas (his last recording session). But I suppose it is very possible the house was a rental and not under their name.

In Topic: Bob Wills' home in Fort Worth?

09 January 2017 - 09:13 AM

His widow Betty has since passed (1993), but I'm not sure about other family members. I know they had several children who reside in the general DFW area. I am not going to go knocking on anyone's door or taking pictures or anything like that; I don't want to violate anyone's privacy.  I was just curious! 


I apologize if this was a forum violation.

In Topic: Area Growler Stations

06 January 2017 - 04:15 PM

We go to Central Market, but notice Taps & Caps on Camp Bowie opened late 2016. Haven't been in yet, but they are busy every time I'm next door.

In Topic: Camp Bowie & Clayton

06 January 2017 - 04:02 PM

I live in Ridglea Hills, and we've been told the Racetrac/Lidl information as well. While I'm not wild about yet another gas station, just about anything is better than a vacant building at this point. I am excited about the possibility of Lidl, though!