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509 W. Vickery

15 September 2004 - 11:28 AM

I have been assigned a project to research the history of the Williamson-Dickie building at 509 W. Vickery. This location is bounded by Vickery, Jennings, Jarvis and Hemphill.

I can tap a wealth of hearsay, but do not have any hard info to work with.

I have access to a late 40s photo that shows several buildings on this location.

One was The Peabody Hotel, where the current open space at the entrance on Vickery is now.

I have heard many stories about the arched openings on the first floor that are blocked in. I have heard everything from trains, the interurban trolley, to used in some sort of alcohol production.

If any one has any info on this site, The Peabody Hotel, or other businesses in operation at this site. or photos that could be shared via e-mail; it would be greatly appreciated.

I am particularly interested in the function of the arches.