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New Orleans, An act of God?

06 September 2005 - 09:35 PM

I feel so bad for everything that has happened to New Orleans the past few days, but one of my close friends proposed a question the other day that made me think. She said in the Bible it says that God will destroy the sin cities and New Orleans is one of the biggest sin cities they say. If anyone is offended by this I am very sorry I just wanted to see what some other people thought about this. I couldn't come up with an answer to her question because I for one have not really read the Bible. But New Orleans and the people from the Katrina disaster will be in my prayers.

Teenagers and Cell Phones

30 August 2005 - 09:31 PM

I just want to know everyones opinion about this because to me everyone should be banned from talking on cell phones and driving at the same time. 30 year olds can get in a wreck while talking on a cell phone just as easy as a teenager can.

Why are fast food places getting sued?

28 August 2005 - 09:50 AM

Why are people sueing fast food places because they got fat? I mean come on it is fast food, everyone knows that fast food places use grease to cook EVERYTHING. To me it is the peoples own fault that they got fat. If you can't get up and do excercises to loose the 5 lbs you gained when you ate at Mcdonalds then DON'T EAT THERE. I really just wanted to know what everyone else thought about this.

teen driving and cellphones

20 February 2005 - 09:35 PM

Why is the state only trying to ban teens from talking on the cell phone while driving. Yes it is understandable that teens are not as experienced as others but hey what about all the other crazy drivers that talk on their cell phones while driving. It isnt only teenagers that are doing this u know. I am all for the no talking on cell phones while driving deal but if its gonna happen then they need to make it for everyone dont u think? What are your opinions?