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Trinity Park picnic table

26 August 2004 - 03:41 AM

Greetings... I've been lurking here for weeks and now I have a question worth posting. Houston's been my home since 1993 but it's hard to get Fort Worth out of my blood. So here goes... What is the deal with the Trinity Park picnic table on University? The one lone table across from the Health Center and the Gardens? Next-to-impossible to find and almost as difficult to access. I spent countless hours with my buddies hanging out there. It was (pre-cell phones) the perfect place to drink beer, talk smack, throw the football, and not have to worry about being busted by girlfriends, wives, police, etc.
So... why does it exist? Who the Hell built it? And is it used at all today? I actually worried about writing about it until I realized that I lived in Houston and haven't visited the "table" since the 20th century. Love this board ARCH