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8th Ave @ Terrell - Medical District

20 August 2017 - 10:39 PM

I noticed today that a small cluster of buildings on the corner of 8th Ave & Terrell has been demolished recently and the current site is being cleared. I did some searching but did not come up with anything.

Does anyone know of or have any news or info on this location?

1264 W. Magnolia

03 May 2017 - 12:10 AM

During Open Streets this weekend I walked by this location, which was The Barber Shop on the Corner of Magnolia & Lake Street and I noticed that some renovation work has been done on the 2 old structures. I looked at the building permits hanging in the windows and it read Hotel Madrid Restaurant. I assume from the name that it may be a Spanish Tapas Bar or Spanish Restaurant, but I also started to wonder if it may have something to do with the planned boutique hotel that is being built 2 mini blocks away on Henderson.

I googled the name and it came up as a hotel located in Milwaukee, but I have no idea if there is a correlation between the two.

The current renovation looks like the place will be pretty cool especially if they are able to nail down the outside patio. Also, I would be extremely excited if FW was able to land a tapas bar.