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In Topic: Hospitality Industry Trending Toward Infill Historic Remodels

Yesterday, 04:15 PM

Speaking of Historic Renovations within the hospitality industry, does anyone know how much was spent renovating the old Pearl Brewery into the Hotel Emma in San Antonio? I've found things that have talked about the cost of the entire redevelopment project but not just the hotel.

In Topic: 100 Block of S. Main (W A Powers buildings)

Yesterday, 04:06 PM

The Micro Park is moving this week. https://www.nearsout...-is-on-the-move




Does this mean we should expect ground breaking on the hotel where the park was/is along Magnolia to be "any day" now?

In Topic: Austin55' fiddlin around.

Yesterday, 04:01 PM

Here's a design of my own. The main tower consists of two intersecting pentagons, the roof topping out at about 650'. The tower is topped by a 200' glass crown and spire which takes a lot of inspiration from Austin's Frost Tower. When viewed from above the crown is in the shape of a Lone Star.










Duda Paine would approve

In Topic: The T's new Master Plan

17 February 2018 - 12:53 PM

I believe all SPUR buses were all ordered in 2010. IDK enough about articulating bus maintenance to know if that's about their end of life. This site says the average age of articulating buses is 7.4 years.


7.4years certainly doesn't seem very long. But hey, I'll admit I don't know much about these things.


Lifespan of a streetcar though tends to be in the 20year range. (or more depending on how maintained, as evidence by heritage systems)

In Topic: Climate contolled streets

16 February 2018 - 08:44 AM

what could go wrong?