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17 August 2017 - 12:36 PM

Amon Carter Shady Oak Farm location – Lake Worth, Texas


Identified as being located on the Southeast side of Loop 820 (Jim Wright Freeway), just Southwest of SH 199 (Jacksboro Hwy\Lake Worth Blvd.) and between Cahoba Dr. and Quebec St. overlooking the southeast end of Lake Worth.  On the west side of Loop 820 the Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen is almost opposite across from the farm.  Former Carswell AFB is visible almost due south of the farm location across the waters of Lake Worth. Much of the acreage attributed to the farm appears to be acquired for the right of way for Loop 820 (Jim Wright Freeway).


As of date August 2017 per Google Maps the only remains of the farm are the pilings for the dock in the private lake, no other traces of the farm remain. There is currently a natural gas well facility on land that appeared to be part of an orchard next to the main house during the existence of the farm. (Note: I have not visited the location other than Google Maps and the mentioned websites below.)


Identification of the Shady Oak Farm location gathered from information in previous http://www.fortwortharchitecture.com/ forum discussions regarding Shady Oak Farm and with a little investigative work using https://www.historicaerials.com/ the key’s to identification of the Shady Oak Farm location was locating Amon Carter's Travel Air 5000 aircraft after being noted it was located on the farm until the early 1960's and Amon Carters black bass stocked private lake.



In the early 1960’s it's believed, based on information from web articles posted on following Fort Worth related historical websites http://historicfortw...-5000-aircraft/ and http://fortworthavia...ravel-air-5000/ Amon Carter’s Travel Air 5000 was purchased and moved to Hamilton Texas for restoration by a Mr. Harry Hansen, then acquired by the Fort Worth Aviation Museum through several intermediaries from Mr. Hansen sometime after 2010 for complete restoration and display at the Historic Star-Telegram Building (400W. 7th Street, Ft Worth , Texas).


I have prepared a PDF document containing images of the farm location from 1952 through 2017 that will attached to this post once able to upload the PDF.