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In Topic: Benbrook: The Trails Town Center

20 March 2012 - 08:52 AM

Don't know what it means, but the large signs about the development that had been erected along the perimeter of the property (I-20 service road and Winscott) have been taken down.

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The 2 signs that were along 20 near Winscott and along Winscott have been replaced by this one:
Posted Image

Here's a close-up.

Some of the old ones are still along the property further east along 20.

The only thing new on the sign is the architecture firm, Hodges and Assoc., who did Montgomery Plaza.

No signs of any prep work yet on the property.

But I did notice that on the opposite side of 20, under the high voltage lines, they've poured a new concrete roadway perpendicular to I20, North from the service road with a 'commercial development' sign next to eat.