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Fort Worth Star-Telegram subscription rates 2015 - 2016


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Posted 16 October 2015 - 02:01 PM

Well, here we are again.  FWST - Subscription renewal 2015


<On soap box>


We have kept all our newspaper subscription bills from 2000 - to date.  Its a small file folder.




Page 2 section A 'Published Subscription Rates'


Daily and Sunday:  $13.22/wk  or $687.44 / year

Weds. thru Sunday $11.22/wk  or $583.44 / year

Sunday and Weds  $5.72 /wk  or 297.44 / year


Daily and Sunday

Our bill last year  $179.55  Senior Discount ( currently 73 )  Senior Discount is not published... but is offered when you call their accounting office.

Our bill this year   $275.60 


Star Telegram moved their billing office from Fort Worth  to P.O. Box 3035, Livonia, MI 48151-3035 (Read not in Fort Worth or DFW area)


Noticed that our 52 week subscription has been reduced to 50 weeks or in affect 2 week gradual reduction each year over last 2 years or total 4 weeks.


Premium content or the over sized print section that came out today is the root cause.  The print and include Premium content about 7 times a year. YOU pay for the content in terms of reducing your subscription from 52 weeks to 50 weeks.  Notice that your 52 week subscription bill has been arriving a month earlier this year than last year.  Notice also that the bill shows only the start date and no longer shows the Expiration date  


The current subscription rate includes PRINT and ONLINE editions.


We did compare the PRINTed content with the ONLINE version on their public website.  We used my wifes iPad, and Desktop computer and our Samsung Galaxy 5 smart phone.


Personal thoughts:  


PRINT version is there in front of you an you can immediately select the section and page you want.. while sharing the paper with your wife.  Print version lag's by 1+ day(s) current TV and website content.


ONLINE version,  not all that is in the PRINT can quickly found on their public website.  Online website seems to be deep linked with other news paper articles.   Click a link in the star telegrams website and it takes you to the Seattle PI website article.  Not all funny papers graphics in the FWST paper are in online version.  When you click on one of the links... it takes you to another website to see the multi colored drawings.  BC, WIZ, and few others I like are not shown in the FWST ONLINE website.   ONLINE website Dear Abby is linked to what appears to be Dear Abby's website that is not formatted properly for the page... tiny print with left margin nearly falling off the left page edge.


Smart Phone: Android 5.0 font is easier to read, but there is a lot of scrolling and searching to find an article.



Called Fort Worth Star-Telegrams Accounting office 800 - 776 - 7827 in Livonia, Mich. to discuss how we can best manage our 52 week subscription.


Talked with a polite lady named Sav_name removed_.  I said I needed to (1) discuss our annual 52 week subscription; Why our 52 week subscription had been reduced by 2 months over 2 years ? (3) Did not want the ONLINE included in our bill amount.  Yes, I did mention that my wife and I are 73 this year.



She offered Senior rate of $179.55 for 52 week subscription.

She said the premium content was included in this price  and was only able to change our expiration date forward by 1 month.

She checked and found I had not signed up for the ONLINE version so that was a part of the reduced Senior rate.


I replied ... Thank you very much.  I was pleased that IF we paid for 52 week subscription.. we wanted to find 52 weeks worth of papers on our door step each year.  Personally we did not ask for nor contract for  premium content.  We were displeased by finding that the annual 52 week contract period keep being reduced.  I said I would get a check out in the mail today.  And I did so.


</ Off soap box>

Dave still at

Visit 360texas.com

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Posted 16 October 2015 - 05:00 PM

Let's see... printed in Plano and billing in Michigan?  It is quickly going the way of the DMN.  Also, let's think about the Detroit Free Press...  Last time I checked the Freep print issues were down to twice a week.   

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Posted 03 November 2015 - 10:13 AM

What I hate about the Startle Gram are the photos in the paper.  It appears every one is blurry and not set properly.  It is really getting on my nerves that almost every picture that isn't on the front page looks like a high school newspaper print job.

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Posted 07 April 2017 - 09:22 AM


....the startle-gram


 Have to say that I am not a fan of ridiculing this newspaper; it smacks of "talk radio" gibberish. Hardly ever hear or read the same in regard to the other metropolitan newspapers.


But your remark about TCR and its fate is being fulfilled unfolding as predicted.




Family business was in radio and TV, so it is habit to make fun of newspapers




Family business was in radio and TV, so it is habit to make fun of newspapers


Humor accepted as intended. 


I'm just a bit sensitive because I don't recall humor of this kind is hardly ever directed at the DMN.


About the FWST, the newspaper is owned by McClatchy Media Group, a highly respected national news organization.  The FWST is its only newspaper in Texas.  The newspaper goal is to report on Fort Worth and Tarrant County; and is an important source of information for this market.




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