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Shout Out to the FWISD

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#1 ramjet


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Posted 20 February 2011 - 07:11 PM

As a very successful product of the FWISD, a multigenerational successful product, my high school's arch rival in my day, Paschal (I went to Southwest), dominated the Science Bowl for North Texas. Way to go FWISD! If I had kids, I would have no problem sending them to your schools. For folks afraid of diversity, peruse the Census numbers for Texas this week. A gated community and Country Day, or a Southlake cheerleader factory, won't make that go away. Again, another reason to be proud to be a Fort Worth native:

Paschal kicks a#$...

Go Panthers! Go FWISD - you're wonderful pioneers in a new day...

#2 mmiller2002


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Posted 21 February 2011 - 09:49 AM

So far, our experience with our first 2 kids in FWISD that completed HS has been entirely mediocre (gradeschool was parochial). Straight A's, but not prepared at all for college. No finals in HS if you have good grades and attendance. Not doing the students any favors at all. That teacher in PA blogging about her students is correct according to my 3rd kid, a HS freshman.

Paschal schools the kids for SATs, and there's a whole segment that goes to Paschal just for that.

#3 ron4Life


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Posted 22 February 2011 - 01:30 PM


#4 Papaw


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Posted 22 February 2011 - 11:34 PM

Some of the FWISD schools are probably better than others as far as quality due to the realistic fact that some teachers are better than others and the better ones had rather be around colleagues that are in their same league - just like auto garages that have better mechanics often have several very good mechanics as the inferior ones don't last long and end up going to a garage they feel "at home with". Actually, I think this whole education thing starts at home. The smartest kids have been raised and fine tuned to go to school and get the most out of it and they are the ones that will graduate and go out into the business and social world not only to get the most out of it but to also put the most into it. I'm sure economy and broken marriages have made raising kids even harder but one of the traits that I have noticed severely lacking in our youth the past decade or so, is personality - and this is not something that is learned at school but with the right teachers and parents and friends can be greatly enhanced. How many times do you go through a check-out lane now and the checker doesn't even smile or say, "thank you"? How often do you pass someone and they look at you and say, "hi, howdy, hello" or anything? On the internet flaming is rampant and on the road car horns are used for scolding instead of warning. I'm so old fashion that if I'm not on a freeway I still raise my left pointer finger when passing an on coming car. If wearing a hat you put your hand on the bill and "tip" it whenever a lady approaches or you approach a lady with whom you intend to communicate with. These are just a few of the old way-of-life traditions that we are losing and I feel there is too much blame given to the school system instead of the home. The teachers have to work with what they get and their hands are tied as to any punishment or or criticism.

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