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29 June 2004 - 06:31 PM


I am in the process of trying to figure out what it is worth. I don't care to get "top dollar" for it and hope someone who would appreciate it could get a good deal on it too.

I took another look inside the tank and it just has "Standard" stamped there. I suspect maybe that might mean "Standard Sanitary Mfg Co." which was formed in 1899 but didn't become "American Standard" until 1929.

I e-mailed David Worthington who owns Magnolia Springs Bed and Breakfast and has the only other elephant trunk toilet I know of. He said "it works better than any new toilet on the market today and is very rare here in America." His ET toilet is pictured on the link supplied to me by Dismuke:

I have the toilet, flush tube, and tank. There are at least a couple of places you can get the inside works, installation diagrams and anything else you might need. A good one is Bathroom Machineries at: http://www.deabath.com/index.html

I don't want to do E-bay. Can't imagion shipping this thing. It weighs a ton!

At any rate, it has been fascinating researching vintage plumbing fixtures and the preservation of historic buildings!

Donna Jones

In Topic: Radisson Plaza Hotel Starting 3 Yr Renovation

28 June 2004 - 04:11 PM

Wow, Dismuke, how did you find a pic of it that fast? I've been searching for weeks (with Google and Yahoo) without finding anything similar.

I am trying to determine its value because I'm going to have to part with it. (I obtained it originally to remodel my cottage bathroom, but finances dried up).

I wonder if the Radisson Hotel might be interested in it for their restoration efforts? I looked in the tank and it appears to have "American Standard" stamped into it, but haven't located a date. Really appreciate ya'll getting back to me!

In Topic: Radisson Plaza Hotel Starting 3 Yr Renovation

27 June 2004 - 05:48 PM

Hello! I'm new and this is my first post.
I understand that I have one of the original high-tank commodes from one of the guest rooms of the old “Hotel Texas” before it was remodeled.
I was told that this particular type is referred to as an “elephant’s trunk” commode. However, I can’t find anything by that name on the internet. Can anyone go look at the photos and give me any more information?
Here are photos.
Thank you,
Donna Jones
PS: Sorry this type is so small. I can't get it to format larger.