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#109060 Amazon in search of 2nd headquarters

Posted by renamerusk on Today, 12:08 PM


#108045 Amazon in search of 2nd headquarters

Posted by renamerusk on 23 December 2017 - 10:45 PM

(1)..... the quagmire Fort Worth finds itself in today. ........

(2) ......the pride-hurt Fort Worth Boosters forewarning a decade of compare/contrast exercises focused on the successes found in Dallas and Collin County.....


(3) You want Fort Worth to grow more similar to Seattle and Austin?



(4)....I like the humor in this flood of melodramatic responses to the EDP.....

(5) ....the stagnant SOP for almost two decades...

(6) ....acknowledgement that the downtown area has hibernated long enough.



I'm not sure why you keep trying to link me with disdain toward of Fort Worth.  It's tiresome and a disservice to this discussion forum.



Fair question.  Why link you with disdain - Aren't these six phrases above your words? And if so, do or don't these words portray Fort Worth 

 (1) as being in a"filthy place";

 (2) as needing to be schooled by its neighbor who has been more of a "frienmy" than an equal partner;

 (3) as deserving to be mocked for wanting to be similar to Seattle and Austin; the comment is scorn thinly veiled;

 (4) as having over reacted to the point of hysterics and this is too funny its beyond belief;

 (5) as having been a "do-nothing" for decades

 (6) as wasting away with nothing to show?


I find each of these phrases to be words that are disdainful.  The linkage is obvious.


It is possible to cite additional words of similar tenor when the apparent aim is to perpetuate or maintain the advantage of another city over Fort Worth.  I know my incentive for wanting the best for Fort Worth; however, I don't know and therefore I am suspicious of anyone who professes a love for a city, who has no proven roots to that city, who is an active administrator of a Forum promoting the interests of another city and, who has all the incentive to champion that other city over of Fort Worth.


Exposing that double agency is tedious and unasked for, but at the same time, is a true and important service to this Forum so that the Forum is made aware of "bots" that may be manipulative.

#108023 Economic Development Plan

Posted by renamerusk on 21 December 2017 - 10:59 PM

Well you seem to be much more concerned with me than I am with you. I don't even look at your screen name. But I do mostly  only read and reply to posts about office and job developments....  I think it's you who is always trying to bait me into that argument and it never works. I simply don't care. Ignore my posts and you'll sleep better.


I read every post. One post stands out in particular in the Fort Worth Forum which I don't believe has ever been posted and read "I have never been to Downtown Fort Worth"; the post was a stupifying comment from someone who professes to be from Fort Worth.  I sensed at the time that there was some sort of pathology going on.  Sure enough, the opportunistic derision of Fort Worth has continued.


But to concerning myself with posts, I am not any more concerned with you than I am with of any other member who takes the time to express their thoughts. Frequent posting members weigh in on a variety of topics and by doing so demonstrate a real interest in Fort Worth.  I have noticed that your infrequent posts can be generally described have been opportunities to "kick or rub dirt in the face of Fort Worth by praising Dallas to all who may be within an ear" and that you never, even as infrequently as you post, miss that opportunity when you feel that you just can not resist drubbing Fort Worth.  Are you Mayor Rawlings or one of his minions?


The EDP was a sobering analysis.  It is to be taken seriously.  It was never intended as a plan to do what Dallas does; it pointed out that several communities in North Texas have been quite successful in projecting themselves beyond the region. Even Dallas has been shorted by suburbs who have landed corporations that Dallas coveted but lost.


Never works? [Baiting]  Obviously, if ignoring your post will aid my sleep then that is good advice. And in the spirit of giving good advice, if you can ignore your next inclination to express in glowing terms that Dallas is superior to Fort Worth; you'll post better.

#108014 Economic Development Plan

Posted by renamerusk on 21 December 2017 - 05:01 PM

... But I thought that was what w It seems Fort Worth claims to want to be nothing like Dallas, yet it desires so much of what Dallas has.  I'm not sure I can say Dallas feels the same way about us.


Your "Dear Leader Dallas" love is in full display. Rabid!


Fort Worth still does not want to be like Dallas; and the report nor those who commissioned the report sought or came to the conclusion that you are making.


The EDP concludes that Fort Worth should be more aggressive in carving out its share of the region's good fortunes.  Fort Worth should, finds the EDP, exploit its tremendous potential instead of continuing its docile ways of the past.  Fort Worth can be much like other major cities in Texas that are booming; it does not require cloning itself after Dallas.  It requires establishing an image and a plan of "coming out" to the national and international business world.  One important step in doing so is to distinguish itself from other cities in the region; not to be a copy of any one of them. 


The glee of saying "I told you so." is nothing more than wishful thinking or the act of a person without a hometown identity or sense of community.

#108010 TEX Rail project

Posted by renamerusk on 21 December 2017 - 03:09 PM


The Stockyards also has lots of public money invested into it. I haven't read or heard of anyone within the Stockyards tax zone suggesting they were willing to pay all or any of the difference of hosting the TexRail train in the Stockyards vs having the commuter train station at 28th Street.


  Simply because you haven't read or heard of anyone wanting to host the Tarrant Express train in the Stockyard does not mean that there wasn't interested or anticipation that the station would be in the Stockyards.  Understandably, your distance for Fort Worth and Tarrant County puts you at a disadvantage when local issues are debated and hatched out.


(1) Grapevine was outraged and threaten to pull out of its participation in Tarrant Express citing that it had been mislead by FWTA/DART to believe that there would be a direct connection between Grapevine and the Stockyards.  Grapevine C&VB touts the back and forward tourist traffic between Historic Downtown Grapevine and the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards as the key component to its participation in Tarrant Express.


(2) Fort Worth was actually caught off guard by the FWTA/DART decision and saw it as a political blunder to whereupon the City demanded and eventually hired new management for the project.  For Fort Worth, as oppose to Grapevine, the key component of Tarrant Express is to provide it with direct connection between DFW Airport and Downtown.


As for Stockyards/Fort Worth, we can say for certain that funding for a station would and should have been included in Tarrant Express if both Grapevine and Fort Worth had known that FWTA/DART had other plans that they were not forthcoming about.  Since FWTA/DART appears to have had their own agenda, their own self-control TOD @28th Street,  it was deemed by Fort Worth to be too late and problematic to begin negotiations in the middle of the project with the railroads for cross over rights to build a station at the Stockyards.  Instead FWTA/DART proposed a "shuttle bus system" that eventually all sides came to agree on and to eliminate any further delays of the project.


It is disingenuous to suggest that the Stockyards did not have any interest in a Stockyards Station when it is likely that they were never seriously approached by FWTA/DART; that they were kept in the dark ,just as Grapevine and Fort Worth had been by FWTA/DART, about the decision that FWTA/DART had already made alone to build the station at 28th Street.


As someone who is from Fort Worth, I am confident that had the public and the Cities of Fort Worth and Grapevine been given the opportunity to provide comments on where the station should be that the decision would have been in the Stockyards.  All that being said; I believe that direct rail transit will come to the Stockyards in the form of a street car or light rail.  Tarrant Express is a great benefit to Fort Worth and Tarrant County; it could have had a greater benefit to Fort Worth and Grapevine had FWTA/DART thought more of what was better for the participating cities than what was better for itself.


 Posting this in the appropriate thread. :)

#107985 Economic Development Plan

Posted by renamerusk on 19 December 2017 - 03:56 PM

JBB, you're spot on!


Interesting admission of sorts by the DMN in that Fort Worth is a genuinely special Texas town Texas that outside people would imagine it to be - not East Coast glamour or West Cost trendy. 


Fort Worth encapsulates the Texas DNA.

#107928 Economic Development Plan

Posted by renamerusk on 16 December 2017 - 01:59 PM

(1) "Making Fort Worth Great Again" isn't going come from matching up head-to-head anymore. The sometimes debilitating rivalry between city builder booster clubs of the 20th Century created a fluid, contiguous population center -- North Texas -- with two of everything. It's fantastic, really, and totally undervalued by many if not most..


(2) Dallas boosters have the same need to place the interest of that city over those of the region as a whole.


(3) Rallying the troops to put Fort Worth First is only good for the pep rally, nothing substantive will come from a spirit trophy except another dust catcher on the shelf. Neither city can find great success by focusing on the competition over entities looking for the exurb-to-suburban conversion expansion.


(4)The city of Fort Worth is unlike any place within at least 500 miles, that's the selling point, there's just not as many folks looking to buy that product, and clearly the city has failed to search for, market to and win that business. 


(5) I kinda think Meacham Field seems is on the wrong side of downtown to return as a commercial airport, though, but maybe that's because I want to elevate travel generated by Arlington Sports & Theme parks traffic over business travel to DTFW and Lake Cities; but it's not likely we'll just find a way to build an airport from scratch between FW-Arl for any reason. NW Tarrant county might begin the impressive conversion to suburb wonderland NE Tarrant, but I firmly believe expanding the Nature Refuge to encompass and include most of the West Fork Trinity River catchment, roughly everything between hwy 199 & 287/114 to Jacksboro. Creating such wedges of managed wilderness will be among the most important initiatives for the future of North Texas. Like -- almost half the state's population gets its drinking water from the Trinity River - Fort Worth, Dallas and Houston, so very little is more important than ensuring that river basin is as clean and verdant as possible. Establishing urban growth boundaries which infuse managed wilderness deep into the population center geography is a quality of necessity that's only beginning to warrant awareness. Fort Worth ought to be angling to create an environmental clean-up fund to take care of all the waste sure to be left behind by the fracking industry because if anything is for sure, the companies creating the pollution will fight to the death before they accept responsibility. anyway....


(5) I don't believe for a New York minute should another passenger airport be allowed to open within 30 miles of DFW that $$Alliance Airport$$ owners/operators would allow the operation anywhere outside the Alliance property straddling the Denton/Tarrant county line. 



 You certainly enjoy wadding through a field of landmines!


(1) I seriously take issue with your notion that Fort Worth lacks greatness.


(2) True. So why is it that you feel the need to disparage the need of Fort Worth to do the same.  Dallas has climbed the ladder and will continue to pull it up by touting to a willingly gullible Fort Worth that regionalism is the path forward when Dallas' boosters inwardly acknowledge that regionalism has and does not distribute the benefits evenly.


(3) Rallying the troops is exactly what is needed today. There is very little evidence that remaining silence or complacent gets your issues address and the anecdotal evidence suggests that you will be marginalized when you keep quiet -- "Oh! Who knew you cared?"


(4) Yes. Fort Worth is different in an appealing way.  This has been born out by media reports that routinely rate it as a great place below the radar. Aside for Dallas' "kick-ass" place for jobs, what is it that you as one of its boosters can say about a city like Dallas other than its a worker's paradise.  Clearly, the proximity to one's job rates as high as anything, even above quality of life and uniqueness;  and this is what the folks of Dallas are buying.


Fort Worth offers a character that is instinctively recognized by its citizens and people who happen to wander over here from elsewhere.  The mistake that Fort Worth has been making is relying upon an appealing character; and even though that reliance has been  solid for growth, it has not catapulted the city to the national recognition of businesses that relocate jobs to new areas.  The EDP is a sobering report that hits the City "upon its head with a baseball bat" to the necessity to be more aggressive in prostituting itself to big business; other words "put some makeup on like its immediate neighbors and ask them to come and see you for awhile".  I think an EDP like this latest one is wayyyy overdue.  Interesting effect is that a Dallas booster feels the need to weigh in on an internal matter, either out of the realization that the EDP may be the beginning of Fort Worth to demand that it takes a more significant share of the North Texas Economy; or that booster feels the need to maintain the status quo regionalism so as to keep the margins as they are now, current.  (5) is just that attempt to maintain the status quo by injecting the environment, drinking water for Texas, etc; in other words - Fort Worth should focus on the general health of Texas while allowing other cities to focus on their economic health.


(5) A totally irrelevant distraction!

#107858 Convention Center Arena Study

Posted by renamerusk on 14 December 2017 - 02:37 PM

I can't think of any either, other than the hotels that are often incorporated into the convention complexes, but that doesn't mean they are not feasible.....


 Here's an idea - a skylink for the Convention Center that connects privately developed hotels in the CC area.


  The skylink can follow a path down Houston Street @ 8th to Lancaster - Lancaster to Commerce - Commerce to 8th Street - 8th Street to Houston Street.  The City would create the rail network as part of the CC expansion and privately developed hotels would vie for a slot/stop on the network.  The City would not have to invest in a hotel.  For the rail cars, can we bring the DFW Airtran cars to Downtown?

#107840 Economic Development Plan

Posted by renamerusk on 14 December 2017 - 09:48 AM


Ironically, we're less and less likely to split into separate metros as long as our employment doesn't keep up with our population growth.


maybe if we just go ahead and split into our own metro, like we should have done 25 years ago, our employment would still be growing. assuming the potential is as high as everyone is saying it is.


I am now supportive of a split.  Both Fort Worth and Arlington should submit for the 2020 Census what ever forms that it requires to designate a separate metro area. 


An analysis and conclusions from a cost:benefit ratio outlined in EDS demonstrate that the current metro area statistics used by private industries and their research divisions routinely conclude that Dallas has a population of 7m and this always seems to ignores that the formula includes numbers from both Fort Worth and Arlington.  Businesses base their decision on statistics; if the name of your statistic is "Dallas", then it is unsurprising that Dallas would reap the greater share of economic growth.


Forty-five years and running since the opening of DFW Airport under the authorization of the FAA along with the shortcut term "Dallas Airport" the affect has been to cement in the mind of outside people and businesses that the region is the Dallas Region. You see even in Texas where in San Antonio, North Texas weather is reported as Dallas Weather.  You read in the national media where speculation of Amazon's 2HQ is looking at "Dallas" and its having the 4th or 5th largest population in the country. 


The corroboration of the Fort Worth Chamber with the Dallas Chamber(s) has significantly benefited the DCs.  Now after spending $300k, surprise, Fort Worth has an national recognition deficit, let alone an international deficit and a humiliating and unacceptable   recognition image within its own state.


The immediate first step for Fort Worth to take is to end joint missions with Dallas to other cities and countries to promote a region that is heavily skewed towards one city over the other.


The second step is for Fort Worth's Congressional Delegation to ask the Census Bureau to designate Tarrant County and region as a stand alone metro area. 


Step three. Now after wastefully spending $300k to discover what has been plainly knowable for near 50 years, the DFW merger brought on by the FAA, it is time for a change. The FAA should and would positively consider an application by the City for its own regional airport.  AA would not like that, but it is needed as a way to distinguish this city of 700k from it larger neighbor and to prevent this city from its continual slide towards irrelevancy.

#107745 Modern Streetcar Dead

Posted by renamerusk on 10 December 2017 - 08:04 PM

So $88 Million for 3 cars and a 2.5 mile loop, which I assume is Belknap down Houston, Lancaster to Jones, Jones to 9th, and the back up Commerce to Belknap....


 Yeah, it looked that-a-way.  It was a starter (hub) where spokes would have gone out to all other areas of the City.  At $88m in today's market, it was a bargain.  Today, we would have the skeletal bones in place.  Shame on those who put their protectionist self-interests ahead of the City's future.

#107743 Fort Worth and Film

Posted by renamerusk on 10 December 2017 - 07:18 PM

Fort Worth's 15 minutes of fame; Lets turn it into a long running serial.  This is both a step in the right direction and an encouraging turn of events :)


Fort Worth Business Press -


#107736 The Image of Fort Worth

Posted by renamerusk on 10 December 2017 - 01:15 PM

Fort Worth releases latest  Economic Development Plan (EDP).   City spends somewhere near $300k to produce what we, or some of us at least,  here on the Forum having been commenting about for sometime. <_<


Its a fat 400 page report on how the City can distinguish itself among its national peers; and more pressing, how it can distinguish itself among it regional peers.   There are some hot buttons in my opinion, among them:


(1) admitting that relying on the "major regional chamber" approach has been more problematic for the identity of the City than beneficial; and


(2) my favorite peeve - DFW Airport is generally viewed as being "Dallas Intl Airport" :mad:  and which leads me to wanting to pull out what hair remains on my head.  For Fort Worth to decouple itself from its debilitating regional hegemony, its has to establish its own self-identifiable airport.  Fort Worth must be seen as a single destination and not a regional destination or it will continue to be an after thought in the mind of national and international businesses. 


The City spends up to $300,000 to


Here is the link to the FWBP article and there is also a link to the full report.



#107602 New Isis to be Refurbished??

Posted by renamerusk on 01 December 2017 - 03:48 PM



Good news, but this theater seriously needs to drop the unfortunate name.

I want to say no and point out that Isis was a thing long before... You know who.

But there are a lot of very ignorant people in this sta...er, world, and it may wind up changing anyway because of it.


I'm not so sure the name should stay.  The swastika was an ancient symbol of good luck but it's taboo to use it anymore.  Will memories of the Islamic State linger?  Perhaps.


 I believe that the name/sign should be kept.  The building has no association with terrorism or a fringe religious sect. How can any memories be attached or even linger to this City or to a building that has nothing to do with a that?


What will be associated with the theater are the future entertainment moments and events.

#107586 New Isis to be Refurbished??

Posted by renamerusk on 30 November 2017 - 03:05 PM

There are two threads dedicated to the Isis Theater (2004 & 2014).  I will post the great breaking news here!


Fort Worth Business Press -



#107577 Central Tourism District

Posted by renamerusk on 29 November 2017 - 09:25 AM

..... the location of more entertainment venues sans SS downtown.  Got any particular venue in mind?


A great and fun question to answer.


Whats came to mind in the past: SE sector (ITC/CC/A&M); or SW sector (City Hall/T&P); or NW sector (W of Taylor/N of 3rd); any of which have been and still remain on my wish-list.


The NW sector has always seemed to be neglected perhaps because of the "psychological barrier" that the Tandy Center/City Place complex created. 


If and when 3rd Street is redesign to connect the NW sector with the "Throckmorton/Houston/Main" corridors, the NW sector can flourish as a high and mid-rise residential neighborhood.  The NW sector has remarkable access/infrastructure in place now: Henderson St (199), 7th St., Forest Park Blvd,  Belknap-Weatherford Sts., TCC - "a developer's dream".   And then there is the "riverfront". 


The "riverfront" or what has evolved into the Panther Island Pavilion (PIP) is a grassroot, corporate-less entertainment venue which targets a different market from the establishment core market. Evidently, developers now see this sector as the place where ownership is not in the hands of a single entity and that has the potential for outside developers to enter Downtown in an area close to both the  Cultural District and the Business District. The PIP neighborhood, happily to my surprise at least, will likely change and add to the profile of Downtown by infilling the area between SS and SH199.


In the future, Henderson@Belknap-Weatherford will become the major crossroad of Downtown.  A second transit center should be added to this sector ( transit line/City Place).


I am sure that I am leaving out something, but it is exciting to see new outside developers making a push into Downtown.