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House on Arkansas Lane

01 November 2005 - 11:18 AM

Does anybody have any information on the infamous "House on Arkansas Lane" in Arlington? It's an abandoned house that stands alone near the intersection on Arkansas Ln. and Fielder Rd. in Arlington. I work across the street from this house and have always been very intrigued by it...it's been empty for as long as I can remember, and it has a chain-link fence around the house itself (i.e., NOT a fenced yard...a fence put up to deliberately keep people from looking at/entering the inside of the property.)

It was briefly mentioned in an article in the Sunday, 10/30 edition of the Star-Telegram. Apparently, it's rumoured to be haunted...legend has it that a boy killed his parents there, and has been an "unusable" property ever since. (It is zoned for commercial use and has been bought and sold several times, yet always remains empty...hmmmmm!)

I scoured the internet and didn't come up with anything, other than the urban legend mentioned above. Does anybody happen to know the story of this house? Thanks!