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Crestwood Place Apartments being 'dozed for new homes

29 February 2008 - 01:30 PM

I searched the forum looking for news on this but didn't find any. I see that FortWorthology posted about it last year though: Crestwood Place Apartments to be Demolished

There were a few comments over at FortWorthology not in favor of the tear down, but I wanted to hear what the forum thought too. What could have been done with the current structures to save them?

Like one of those who commented over at FortWorthology, Crestwood was my first apartment here in Fort Worth. The grounds, the units, and the staff were all amazing. When I moved out I referred my brother-in-law and his fiance to Crestwood. They took up residence there for about a year before they received a letter telling them everyone had to be out by the end of December 2007, Crestwood was being demolished for new homes and townhomes. We were in disbelief.

I drove by the other day and from what I can tell the front two buildings are vacant, but there are still residents towards the back. Does anyone know what the timeline is on demolition?

I hope the red brick, the windows, and hardwood floors are all reclaimed and used in other projects. The only bit of hopeful info I have is that there were some men sent out to mark and identify trees that should be kept and a number of them were marked. That's just a rumor from some of the residents though, supposedly you can walk the grounds and see the marked trees. It would be so sad to see more of those trees go. When I lived there I talked to an older resident who said there used to be even more trees on the grounds, but the 2000 tornado tore a number of them down.

RIP Crestwood sad.gif