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Millar Drug Store in GP

11 June 2010 - 06:22 PM

Some interesting info I came across last night that reminded me of other topics here. Love this kind of stuff. Although in Grand Prairie, I thought I'd share.

A few weeks ago I had dinner with my dad who works nights at Vought Aircraft on Jefferson. He recommended this Italian joint on Main St called New York Joe's or something. I was looking around inside and there were some old exposed bricks with some plaster and I said to my dad, I wonder how old this place is and what it used to be. Well while searching around for White Water pics(for my other thread) I ran across some historical pics from Grand Prairie's website and I was trying to match old buildings up with current pics from Google Earth street view as I always like to do. And there was this drug store in a few of them, and there was JFK standing on a hood of a car holding a mic giving some kind of speech in the street in front of this drug store, Millar Drugs. So I then searched up the story of that store and it turned up to be that Italian restaurant. According to this document, Bottle Rocket filmed some scenes there which starred both Luke and Owen Wilson back in 1996. I only saw the last half of that movie which was filmed in and around Dallas and mostly at a motel in Hillsboro off I35. The 2nd link also shows Douglas MacArthur in that area by the Uptown Theater. Anyway, just some cool historical info I thought.



Anybody have pics of White Water in Grand Prairie?

10 June 2010 - 08:33 PM

Weird how info about this water park seems to be non-existent. I remember as a kid going there with private parties from my dad's job(LTV-now Vought) back in the early 80s. After Wet N Wild opened down the road we started having our annual private parties there. I know the story about the roller coaster accident after the water park closed and all, but I cannot find pics or and history on the park.

SO does anybody have pics and some history on it? I've always heard about Wet N Wild buying it and filling the pipes with cement blah blah, but I've always wondered how much of it is true or just rumors. Help anyone?