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#35912 DT: Omni Fort Worth Hotel (447 FT/33 ST/2008)

Posted by K.L. on 20 March 2007 - 04:01 PM in Commercial

QUOTE(gdvanc @ Mar 20 2007, 12:33 PM) View Post

All Balls - Aceyalone (1995)

oh, wait - wrong thread. sorry. i'll repost in the proper place.

lol newlaugh.gif

#35895 DT: Omni Fort Worth Hotel (447 FT/33 ST/2008)

Posted by K.L. on 20 March 2007 - 01:01 AM in Commercial

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K.L. I agree with most of what you are saying, the main point that I was trying to make is that I feel like we didnít miss the condo boom. The way I look at this is that you can either think one of two ways on this topic. If you think we missed the condo boom then you are basically saying that we are not building enough condos and take the risk and put up some gosh darn condo towers. Other point of view is looking at all these condos that are already being built and realizing that this great but it canít last forever, also that 914 owner occupied units in a couple years is indeed a significant number. I wonít get into office towers (too long and obvious,) and I canít really compare FW with all those other cities. Not yet. Are we another San Jose? Maybe, but Iím not going to lose any sleep over it.

Glad to get a response though, this forum has really died lately. Who likes to read negative posts after negative posts Ė not me. I at least try to throw some positive things out there every now and then or at least put a positive twist on it.

I hate to admit it, but you guys are right now that i think about it. Especially when it comes to Vegas. I still dont see this as a building boom though. I see it as Fort Worth making up for 20 years.

#35886 DT: Omni Fort Worth Hotel (447 FT/33 ST/2008)

Posted by K.L. on 19 March 2007 - 06:18 PM in Commercial

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Just thinking about some of the comments about missing the Condo boom here in FW, 98 condominiums have to take a few floors out of the 34 story tower portion of the CC Hotel. Anyone know exactly how many floors will be dedicated to the condominiums? I was thinking that most of the 34 stories would be, than if you compare FW today to what was here in 2000 - we have a 37 and a 34 story condo tower. Not really missing the boom I would say. And I guess thats not including the 2nd portion of the Old Tandy Buildings.

^^^ You are kidding, right? I mean, the whole idea of a BUILDING boom is the fact that a significant amount of buildings get BUILT. So, the Tower was already here and we have the CC hotel being built. Almost everything else is a redevelopment project. Maybe you consider building 1 building over 20 stories in over 20 years a boom, but most would not. And, even if we do count the 34 and 37 story towers as "boom time", well I think that 2 buildings is far short of a building boom, especially when one of the 2 tower was already here. If you really want see a building boom, go to Chicago, Miami, or Dallas.... but don't look at DT FW and think that is any thing near being a building boom. And, really, it's not about missing the condo boom as much as it is about just missing the building boom... There are a lot of cities around the country with completely stagnant growth, yet towers are going up everywhere (Dallas for one) and here sits poor FW with the fastest growing population of any major U.S. city and you practically have to bribe a builder to build something over 10 stories. Any way you look at it, FW has missed the boom. Sure, we've gotten some new stuff, but in general... we are lagging way behind other major cities when it comes to building. Heck, Dallas' Victory project alone practically matches what FW built in the 80's... during the largest building boom in this cities history - and that's just one of the big projects in Dallas..... The Tandy building and the Tower really aren't what I would consider "building" since they were just redevelopment of older buildings. To me, new building means a new building goes up and changes the skyline... We just don't hvae that happening, other than the CC hotel...

Building boom is a term that you used, so maybe your definition is different from mine. From your last message I gather that your definition is more of a skyscraper boom, rather than a construction boom. For godís sake man, they were going to implode the tower. Does it really make a difference if they were to take it down, then build another 37 story condo tower or just refurbish an already existing building? Would that then make it part of your building boom theory?

Approximately 367 owner-occupied units and 324 rental units were scheduled for delivery in 2006, according to the State of Downtown, a publication of Downtown Fort Worth Inc. The expansion doesnít stop there. Another 914 owner-occupied units and 1,035 rental units have been announced and are scheduled for completion in 2007 and beyond.

If 98 Condominiums are going to take 18-20 floors of the CC hotel, well then you do the math for 367 in 1 year.

You're right dude, I donít see any signs of a boom. A matter of fact, I think we back tracked.

I have mixed emotions about this comment. In other big cities, this would not be considered as a building boom. We have a greater population than Atlanta, Georgia and you've seen their skyline. If you have been a resident of Fort Worth for over 20 years, you consider this a building boom. (lol) I believe the term "building boom" is opinionated. Some go by what they can see from the freeway. At the moment, I believe we have 3 or 4 tower cranes up which residents of fort worth haven't seen in 20 YEARS. We as residents of this city must remember that cities such as Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Miami, and a few others have 3 or 4 tower cranes outside of downtown or in their suburbs. I do believe this city is playing it safe. I am appreciative of the smaller buildings being built yet at the sametime, I am ashamed that cities with smaller populations are getting more notice than fort worth because of their "stack em up" drive. If you disagree with me, look up these cities and see what they are building. Miami, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Boston, and Dallas. I picked Miami, Boston, and Atlanta because our population is actually LARGER than theirs. I picked Vegas because our populations are close and I picked Dallas so that those of you that disagree can see what a real big city building boom is like in close driving distance. If you feel like my comment is harsh, let me put it like this. Fort Worth is doing alot of building, but this is not a SKYSCRAPER BOOM ! We are lacking behind when it comes to skyscrapers and the cities i mentioned are wayyyyyy ahead. On the freeway if you're a tourist, this city doesn't look that powerful. If you live here, hooooray for fort worth!!! I guess building something is better than building nothing which is what we did for 20 years(lol) K.L.

#35832 Don't get upset with me but, why do i get the feeling we are holding back?

Posted by K.L. on 17 March 2007 - 01:36 PM in Commercial

QUOTE(David Love @ Mar 15 2007, 09:20 PM) View Post

Welcome to the forum.

Not sure where you live exactly, but downtown I canít throw a paper airplane without hitting construction so I think youíre only going to have to wait just long enough for the cement to dry.

If you're wanting a sports venue, you're still going to have to drive a bit.

You've made a great point. I guess I'm just spoiled by whats going on in downtown dallas. That city is full of surprises. As i passed by on i-35e, i noticed they were building another high-rise structure in the victory park area. I thought they were pretty much done after the "W" hotel was completed. I guess i was wrong. I know it's not the city's fault that the block 82 tower and the 50 story tower was just a flux but, it sure would have been nice to see those two structures go up. Block 82 wasn't the best looking building but as far as considering a structure that tall for this city, i thought it was nice. I guess i'll keep my eyes open. thanks for responding. K.L.

#35831 Don't get upset with me but, why do i get the feeling we are holding back?

Posted by K.L. on 17 March 2007 - 01:26 PM in Commercial

QUOTE(safly @ Mar 15 2007, 10:45 PM) View Post

I feel your pain KL. I never saw any "REAL" Western Culture here in FW. Though it is often romanticized, I get more of a suburbia vibe. FW is folksy and wholesome. Artsy? Now I can see that image in this town. When I think of Western Culture soon to be lost, I think of Wyoming or places like Carson City, NV or New Mexico. FW will always continue to grow, especially with the Cowboys in our backyard and Big "D" nearby.

What exactly is the Western image to you? Where does one find it? Stockyards? Trust me, they will never go.

It's a "boots and suits" kind of town, and that's alright by me.

well explained and well understood. K.L. cool.gif

#35793 Don't get upset with me but, why do i get the feeling we are holding back?

Posted by K.L. on 15 March 2007 - 08:45 PM in Commercial

cool.gif I hope I don't offend anyone, but i feel like our city is holding back when it comes to growth. I know some want to keep Fort Worth slowed-down but, this is starting to become a difficult task. The city is growing rapidly and i feel personally that we should let it take its course in doing that. I'm a young man and I get tired of having to drive 33 miles down I-30 to find what I'm looking for. I still feel like this city can grow and keep it's western culture. I can understand why some people may feel the way they do about growth in this city but, I feel like we can benefit more from letting it grow. It's the only way this city is gonna get on the map and get the bigtime exposure. The cowboys are coming to tarrant county soon and I don't want tarrant county's biggest city to not be recognized. If you're mad at me, I apologize. If you're with me, I'm glad you understand where i'm coming from. K.L.

#35792 DT: The Carnegie (236 FT/16 ST/2008)

Posted by K.L. on 15 March 2007 - 08:19 PM in Commercial

cool.gif Some of you may disagree but i must say, Atomic Glee is a character. I like reading his comments. He is really straight to the point and he makes the unpopular comments about our skyline that we simply just don't admit at times. Keep em coming A glee. Keep em coming. K.L.

#35791 DT: The Carnegie (236 FT/16 ST/2008)

Posted by K.L. on 15 March 2007 - 08:06 PM in Commercial

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QUOTE(KevCoz @ Mar 14 2007, 10:01 PM) View Post

I used to really enjoy this forum. I have not read it regularly for the past couple of years due to the incessant rants, bashing, and child-like behavior of several forum members. I still check in occasionally to see what's been happening in the city. However, I find it almost impossible to read through a single thread without being subjected to off-topic rants and attacks. What a complete lack of respect some of you have for others and for our city. It is a shame that adults act in this manner.

I applaud John for creating this space for everyone's mutual benefit. Unfortunately, it has become an outlet for certain folks to loudly and frequently voice their strong dislike for the city. Until this has been brought under control, I will no longer be a regular visitor to the site. I have to put up with this sort of behavior all day at work. I certainly do not wish to spend my free time with those of you who have to voice your caustic, angry two cents on every thread! Please fix this problem, John.

I feel the same way. Except for the idea that John can somehow fix the problem.

I agree. I used to be a member on this site and i noticed the bashing as well. Sometimes I wondered was this an architecture site or an aol teens chatroom. I must admit that it has gotten better lately and some of the newbies make pretty good points. I don't have a problem with creativity but a lack of common sense is worth bashing. Therefore, I don't think anyone makes dumb comments on purpose, so I'm pretty laidback on the issue of dumb post on this site. K.L.