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#103613 Well in Wedgwood

Posted by amanda on 11 June 2017 - 05:06 PM in Local History

So, I found a bit of a surprise in my yard the other day, and wanted to see if any one here could help me out. I found what I am pretty sure is a capped well.

We have lived in out home in Wedgwood for almost 11 years, we bought the home from the original owners. Before purchasing the home we had an inspection and a survey. I don't have a copy of the survey on hand, we had a home disaster and many things were lost or packed up. I do think I would've taken note of a well on the property though.

I noticed what at first appeared to be a squared rock in the ground Wednesday, and upon closer examination realized that it was metal. After digging around we could see the pipe surrounded by a cement slab.

I am about 90% sure that it is a well.

I've checked historic aerials and saw on a topographic what appears to be a trail or road that ended approximately in our yard.

So, I turn to y'all now. How would I go about looking up old surveys to see if it's on there? I know that this area was ranch land up until the 60's; would this have been for cattle or could there have been a home here long ago?