Historic Electric Building

410 W. 7th St. - 1929-30

  • Historic Electric Building
    Historic Electric Building

Historic Designations:
National Register of Historic Places
City of Fort Worth Historic & Cultural Landmark


This 19 story building was designed by Fort Worth Architect Wyatt C. Hedrick for the Fort Worth Power & Light Company, opening in June of 1929. By the end of that year, Fort Worth Power & Light was taken over by Texas Electric Service Company. L.E. Meyers Co. of Chicago was the General Contractor.  One of the unique features of the design is in the cast stone ornamentation. The decorative elements feature a hand grasping electrical bolts.  Although the building appears to be one structure, it is actually three buildings, each constructed at a slightly different time. The tower opened in 1929.  Shortly after the tower opened, a six story annex was constructed to the north and along Lamar Street.  The annex opened in 1930.  The building also housed the Hollywood Theater, and was the last phase constructed.  It also opened in 1930 and featured more Art Deco elements than the tower or the annex.  The Hollywood closed in 1976, but it is the only partially remaining downtown theater from the 1920's and 30's. (Many of the architectural elements had been destroyed by a bank conversion in 1979.) In 1996, the building was converted to 106 apartments, most notable of which is the penthouse unit. In order to provide parking for the tenants, the old theater space was converted to a parking garage.  Elements of the theater remain from the balcony level upward.  The original lobby of the electric company has been restored.  This lobby features a beautiful vaulted ceiling.


Historic Photographs from the Jack White Collection, University of Texas at Arlington:
W. 7th from Burnett Park in 1930

Current photograph from same location:
W. 7th from Burnett Park in 2004


Architectural Style:
Art Deco

Wyatt C. Hedrick, Fort Worth

L.E. Meyers Co., Chicago

Former Office Building/Theater, Currently Residential