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3002 Ave. E - 1947

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Polytechnic Baptist Church


This building was originally the sanctuary of the Polytechnic Baptist Church.  It was designed by Charles T. Freelove and it replaced the church's 1913 sanctuary at the same location.  The building is a Gothic Revival design clad in Austin stone. The church has a tall gable roof with massive buttresses that sit on each side of the main entry.  The tops of the buttresses form small gable roofs.  Above the entry, is a large pointed arch with three vertical windows.  The sanctuary seats 1,400.  Over the years, the church acquired some of the adjacent property.  In 1927, an education building was constructed across the alley to the north.  This served as the church's home while the 1913 building was being replaced by the new sanctuary in 1947.  In 1955, the church purchased the old Polytechnic Methodist Church on Wesleyan Drive, but later demolished that building for a parking lot.  In 1989, Texas Wesleyan University purchased the church property and integrated the sanctuary building into the campus and converted it into a music performance hall.  Plans at that time included converting the education building into classrooms, practice rooms, and offices.  However, it was determined that the education building did not meet the university's needs and it was demolished to make way for the Nenetta Burton Carter Building (2001).


Architectural Style:
Gothic Revival

Charles T. Freelove


Former Church/University Building