Meadowbrook Middle School

2001 Ederville Rd. - 1954; 1957; 1979; 1981; 2001

  • Meadowbrook Middle School
    Meadowbrook Middle School

Medowbrook Junior High School


Fort Worth Architect Wyatt C. Hedrick, doing business as Hedrick & Stanley Architects, designed this school in 1954 and also designed the first addition to the building in 1957. The building is 2 stories and is of the International Style. It is clad in orange brick and features paired windows along the front facade. The main entrance is located toward the northwest where the auditorium and classroom wings touch. The entrance canopy features pre-cast concrete panels, and an aluminum storefront, all under a thin and wide cantilevered canopy. This cantilever also continues along the main facade of the building to separate the first and second floors. The first addition extended the building to the south. Subsequent additions have been made to the rear of the building which included a free standing activities building in 1979, cafeteria expansion in 1985, and the largest, was a 20 classroom addition in 2001 that surrounded the cafeteria.


Architectural Style:
Modern/International Style

Hedrick and Stanley, Fort Worth

Public Middle School