Amon Carter-Riverside High School

3301 Yucca Ave. - 1936; 1954; 1957; 1979; 1988; 2003; 2017

  • Front of Amon Carter-Riverside High School
    Front of Amon Carter-Riverside High School

Historic Designations:
Recorded Texas Historic Landmark
City of Fort Worth Historic & Cultural Landmark

Riverside High School


Built on a 20 acre site that it shares with Riverside Middle School, this three story "H" shaped school was designed by Fort Worth Architect Wyatt C. Hedrick. When the school first opened, it housed both junior and senior high students.  The materials on the building are yellow brick, red clay tile roof, and a projecting stone entry.  The design of the building is a Spanish Baroque.  It was one of five high schools built in the city with funding from the Works Progress Administration.  In 1941, the school was renamed Amon Carter-Riverside High School to honor the civic leader and newspaper publisher.  In 1954, Hedrick's office designed a sympathetic addition to the rear of the building.  In 1957, a field house was added, also in the rear of the building.  The field house was designed by Burnett & Wharton.  A free-standing activities building out of pre-cast concrete panels was added to the east of the school in 1979.  In 1988, Halbach-Dietz Architects completed a library and science classroom addition to the rear.  In 2003, another classroom addition and cafeteria expansion was constructed, also in the back. The latest addition came in 2017 with a freestanding classroom and dining building along Bolton Street. The front of the building is heavily landscaped and planted with numerous oak trees, native to the neighborhood.  The landscaped front yard was designed by Hare & Hare Landscape Architects from St. Louis as a part of the Works Progress Administration.  This landscaping includes a park shelter near the intersection of Riverside Drive and Yucca Ave.

Historic Photographs from UTA Library Digital Galleries:
1944 Photograph

Overall Front of Building - 1944
Front of Building from Southeast - 1944
Looking North on Bonnie Brae - 1945
Aerial Looking North - 1946
Aerial of Back of Building Looking South - 1939
Closeup Aerial from Southeast - 1939
Aerial from the East - 1939


Architectural Style:
Spanish Baroque

Architect of Original Building:
Wyatt C. Hedrick, Fort Worth

Landscape Architect:
Hare & Hare, St. Louis

Public High School