Cobb-Burney House

(Law Offices of Jim Zadeh, P.C.)

1555 Rio Grande Ave. (formerly 1598 Sunset Terrace) - 1904; Restored 2017

  • Cobb-Burney House Front
    Cobb-Burney House Front
  • Cobb-Burney House Side
    Cobb-Burney House Side

Historic Designation:
Recorded Texas Historic Landmark
City of Fort Worth Historic & Cultural Landmark


This home, influenced by the Chicago Prairie Style of architecture was built in 1904 for Lyman D. Cobb, and his wife, Emma. She sold the house in 1919 to Judge Ivy Burney. It was later sold to the All Church Home, which used is as a residence. The home sits along the bluff of the Clear Fork of the Trinity River with commanding views of the valley below and the West Side of Fort Worth. The house features wide overhanging eaves, a low pitched roof, and casement windows. The house has two main levels along with a basement and a finished attic space. The landscaping of the property featured terraced gardens sloping down the bluff of the river, and the back terrace areas connect directly to the Annie Richardson Bass Library, also formerly a part of the All Church Home. In addition to the terraced gardens on the west side of the house, the east side abuts Harrold Park. It was designated as a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark in 1985. The house had been vacant for about 20 years, but Attorney Jim Zadeh purchased it in 2017 to be used for his law office. He hired Hull Historical to restore the home. The house was actually large enough for Mr. Zadeh to lease out some space to another lawyer. The Tobin Firm, P.C. is the other tenant in the building.


Architectural Style:
Chicago Prairie

Former Residence/Office Building