Civil Courts Building

100 N. Houston St. - 1958; 1988; Demolished 2013

  • Civil Courts Building (Demolished 2013)
    Civil Courts Building (Demolished 2013)

This courts building was one of Fort Worth Architect Wyatt C. Hedrick's later works.  Butcher & Sweeney were the contractors.  It was constructed on the west side of the Tarrant County Courthouse to relieve overcrowded courts in the main building.  Originally, the structure was designed with a limestone facade and windows that extended from the second floor to the roof.  The windows were covered with vertical louvers that shielded the sun.  The only ornamentation on the building were four bas-relief limestone figures of Justice. 

In 1988, Architect George C.T. Woo was hired to put a facade on the building that would complement the historic Courthouse.  The louvers were removed and a facade of synthetic stucco was applied to the building.  The bas-relief figures were retained on the elevations.  Richard Haas was hired to paint a trompe l'oeil facade that more resembled the Courthouse.  Ed A. Wilson was the contractor for the exterior renovations.

A new Civil Courts Building was constructed on the block to the east of the Tarrant County College Trinity River East Campus.  After the building was demolished, the west portico on the Courthouse was replaced, and the Courthouse grounds restored with only one building on the block.  The bas-relief limestone figures of Justice were removed and they were placed on the new Civil Courts Building.


Architectural Style:
Post Modern after renovations and originally Modern

Hedrick & Stanley, Fort Worth

Butcher & Sweeney, Fort Worth

Government Building