Woodshed Smokehouse

3201 Riverfront Dr. - 2012

  • Outdoor Dining at the Woodshed Smokehouse
    Outdoor Dining at the Woodshed Smokehouse

This outdoor restaurant was built on the site of the old paddleboat concession area along the Trinity Trail.  The shape of the building forms an outdoor dining courtyard facing the Trinity River and the trail.  The building features a corrugated metal facade with overhead doors that open outward to unite the indoor and outdoor spaces.  The doors also provide a canopy over some of the seating areas when they are open.  The restaurant is cyclist and dog friendly, and the menu features a variety of smoked meats, many of which are exotic.  The restaurant is operated by Tim Love and has proved to be a very popular place on the river.  Live bands perform on a regular basis.

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Architectural Style:

Bennett Benner Partners, Fort Worth